Are the Wilfs really interested in winning a Super Bowl or just content with making the playoffs ?

At this point in their ownership you have to wonder if the Wilfs are really that serious about winning a Super Bowl. I know they have spent a lot of money on a stadium and a great practice facility, but is just winning the division and then making the playoffs all they consider a successful season. Because I don’t. I want a Super Bowl victory and nothing less will do. I’ve put 46 years of my life into cheering for this team, buying their merchandise, etc and I would like a much better return on my investment. As many of you fellow posters have also invested a lot of your time and money in this team I think we deserve a lot better than this. To be content with just making the playoffs isn’t good enough. And I have heard that the Wilfs are New York Giants fans and use them as their model. That’s fine but you know what the New York Giants have actually won 2 Super Bowls and we have won 0. So I really don’t know where we go from here. It would be great to get a high draft pick and a franchise qb, but we will probably finish with 8 or 9 wins and be picking in the 17 to 20 range again. The same thing every year it seems rinse and repeat. I have no confidence in KAM to do anything in the draft or free agency to help this team with their two biggest weaknesses, as his first two drafts have been nothing to write home about. The offensive and defensive lines must be fixed and I sure hope the plan isn’t to extend Kirk Cousins again after the season or we will put the qb of the future search on hold for yet another year which would be a mistake in my opinion. I think he is a very good quarterback but limited in certain aspects and can only take a team so far. Is not clutch and seems lost in the most crucial moments of games. Its time for a change at quarterback. What they do with Kirk Cousins after the season will tell us a lot about this ownership. Also getting the extension done for Justin Jefferson is of utmost importance. That really needs to be addressed ASAP along with utilizing the upcoming free agency money we will have available to help improve this roster which has a LOT of holes and very little depth at certain positions OL and DL I’m looking at you ! I don’t really fault the Wilfs at all for wanting to make money on their investment which as businessmen the Vikings are to them. But the goal in my opinion each year has to be to WIN a Super Bowl and not just be content with being competitive and making the playoffs. If that is all the Wilfs are interested in then just sell the team. Personally I am very tired of just being competitive and making the playoffs I want more like a Super Bowl title. But how do you feel about the Wilfs ? Do you feel that they are REALLY COMMITTED to winning a Super Bowl or just content with the division title and a playoff appearance ?

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