Tanking is for losers

What makes a good loser? A loser. Indianapolis tanked, Denver won the super bowl with their former qb. Want to be Indy today? How many times has Belichick tanked for his rings? Did Tampa tank for the rights to Brady? Rams for the rights to Stafford? Philly?

Vikings could have built a serious team. They are designed by having defensive tackles/lines to go with a qb. The issue started for me when the Vikes took Khalil over Fletcher Cox, then followed up by taking Barr over Aaron Donald. If the vikes would have had Cox next to Donald for the last 10 years, how many super bowls would they have potentially won? No rams sb, no philly sb. Facts.

The latest error was not drafting Jordan Davis and figuring out how to get a sliding Jalen Carter. I would straight up trade JJ & Addison for Davis and Carter. Because one set looks pretty, and the other set makes you a post season threat.

"Tanking" will do nothing for the vikes as 1. The iol will make decision time short for a young qb and 2. The defense will make is so every decision the qb makes must lead to a perfectly played game just to have a coin-flip possibility of winning.

This "braintrust" had the chance to swing on Bresee, and instead went Addison. Now, he looks like a fine wr, but having all your cap in 2 wr's and a TE means you are gonna lose. Chris Jones or Tyreek Hill more important to KC winning the sb last year?

There is no path to victory with the plan of outscoring people. Makes entertaining games, but you will not win post season games. You have to be able to make the other teams qb worse than yours, and the Vikes the last four years or so must have a real juggernaut in opposing qb qbr/passer rating.

That is not "fixed" by drafing safeties, corners, linebackers, or wide receivers with your first pick. The fundamental problem is the other team always has a guy in the face of our qb, and we never have a guy in the face of the qb we are playing. Qb's play worse with a guy in their face. Doing it with 4 is better than doing it with 5 or 6.

Defensive Tackle has always been the second most important position to be elite at in the nfl. Tampa, Rams, KC, Giants, philly... they all had elite DT's. Mean Joe Greene? Best non-qb pick in history- he turned the browns into the steelers and the steelers into the browns. 4 rings, DT. Vikings only super bowl era - ever hear of Alan Page and the purple people eaters? Page and Eller quite the duo.

So, get a clue.

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