Why We Suck


LB 4th round Brothers


DT 4th round Jaleel Johnson


LB 5th round Cam Smith


DE 4th round Jayln Holmes


All 4th round

DE Wonnum

DT Lynch

LB Dye


3rd round

LB Surratt

DE Patrick Jones

4th round

DE Janarius Robinson


3rd round LB Asamoah


CB 2nd round Mac Alexander


CB 1st round Mike Hughes


CB 1st round Jeff Gladney

CB 3rd round Dantzler


S 1st Cine

CB 2nd Booth


CB 3rd Blackmon

This is how you become a perennial losing team. Draft no top tier DL or LB after Hunter and Kendricks, all of the high pick dbs flopped, with the new guys not being impressive yet.

Rick Spielman put us in a hole. He hit on some good talent over the years, but look at the 2017 draft after Dalvin. What a terrible draft. Not enough hits combined with good FA signings and trades to be effective over the years.

The Wilfs made a huge mistake sticking with RS and Zim for so long when it was clear they had no clue.

The team has had wreckless and idiotic drafts. Very arrogant drafts, imo. Rick rested on Barr and Kendricks and avoided adding other talent in the LB corps. He added soft backups for some reason, which was one of his worst traits.

You build from the inside out. Tying up $45mill or more with 2 pass catchers when you have such poor IOL and IDL and no real trustworthy as of yet LBs or at QB is..weird and kind of sdrawkcab.

I want to give KAM the benefit of the doubt, but his failure to recognize how weak the IOL is and his shtick (along with KOC) of "continuity" is pretty laughable. Kwesi has done a decent job of cutting all the bloated deals RS had, no easy feat. He deserves credit. His drafts so far...hard to tell what we got on the defensive side.

This next off-season is going to be the biggest one we have had in years. Kwesi must sign or draft absolute studs on the DL as priority 1 (JJ will either bolt or get his money), let Cleveland walk and sign a legit beef guard, and address the QB. If he drafts another CB,S WR in the first 2 rounds he should be put on a short leash. Look at Philly, they just keep adding beef and stacking that LB and DL. We use 3rd rounders on Chaz Surratt and Wyatt Davis.

62 years in the league and still no SB victories. Us, the Lions (who are looking pretty good these days) and the Cardinals are the oldest teams in the league not to win the big one. The clown car needs finally be put in the junk yard. Kwesi will have a huge chunk of money to play with and this is his true test. We can't use all that money on just JJ and Kirk. The bad drafts have ruined us so much we need to spread that money around smartly (no Dean Lowry's).

Look around the league, I hate Philly, but in my mind Roseman is incredible. He had that SB winning team, drafted Wentz and gave him a monster deal, found a way to ditch him when it was obvious he was not good, fired Pederson and rebuilt the team In a few years and reached the SB again. During the same period of time, we got smashed by Philly in the NFCCG and have been continuous flatlining bridesmaids. They know what they are doing, we do not.

This year all the young guys should play and forget about competitive rebuilds, see who has what and get Cine and Booth in there. Let Roy, Asamoah and Chandler play. That way our FA money is better spent.

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