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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 30 September 2023

“Come here you big, beautiful cup of coffee and lie to me about how much we’re going to get done today.”

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Tennessee Titans v Minnesota Vikings Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

I know that Marcus Davenport is catching a lot of grief for not being able to play and as a result, Kwesi is getting a lot of grief too.

Perhaps it is well deserved but the signing was not graded too badly. His injury history is moderate but not too egregious.
Oct 28, 2018 : NFL : Pedal Toe Sprain : Davenport missed 3 games with an injury to the big toe on his right foot.
Dec 1, 2019 : NFL : Pedal Lisfranc Fracture : Davenport sustained a foot injury during the game vs. the 49ers. He underwent season-ending surgery. He missed 3 games.
Sep 9, 2020 : NFL : Arm Elbow Bruise : Davenport missed three straight practices due to his elbow injury ahead of the season opener against the Buccaneers. He missed four games
Dec 4, 2020 : NFL : Head Cranial Concussion Grade 1 : Davenport missed Week 13’s game against the Falcons due to a concussion
Sep 15, 2021 : NFL : Shoulder : Davenport was placed on IR ahead of Week 2 game due to a shoulder injury. He missed four games
Nov 24, 2021 : NFL : Shoulder : Davenport missed Week 12 and 13 games due to a shoulder injury.

He missed another two games in weeks 10 & 11 in 2022 as well but no reason is given.

Before he signed with the Vikings he missed a total of 19 games in 5 seasons.

The most concerning injury probably would have been the Lisfranc but he has played in 37 games since then.
Whichever team ended up signing Davenport to a one-year flier was taking a worthwhile gamble on a tremendous talent finally staying healthy after years of dealing with various injuries.
Since Davenport entered the league in 2018, his 17.8% pass-rush win rate and 13.9% pressure percentage are both top-20 marks among edge defenders, and he’s also earned a very respectable 82.1 run-defense grade for his career, which ranks 16th over the span. Davenport has five straight campaigns grading above 70.0. The New Orleans Saints traded a future first-round pick to move up for Davenport in the draft, and while things didn’t work out well enough for him to get extended by the team, they did identify a very talented player. The issue is that Davenport has yet to log 600 snaps in a single season.
Vikings sign DE Marcus Davenport (1 year, $13 million): A- Grade
I criticized the Vikings for giving a big contract to a tight end, so I automatically have to like this contract more. The secondary is a disaster, but a better pass rush will help the team’s ability to stop the pass.

Anyone looking at Marcus Davenport’s stats might be confused about how he could help a pass rush, given that he logged just half a sack last year. However, Davenport played better than that stat indicates, and Davenport had nine sacks in 2021. He should be able to rebound, and I like that he’ll be trying his hardest so he can get a long-term deal next offseason.

If he has a high ankle sprain then the team has to be cautious because that can take a long time to heal. It just depends on the player.
Recovery Time For High Ankle Sprains
Most cases are treated nonsurgically with rehabilitation, and recovery time can range from 6 to 8 weeks (or longer).
Notably, the recovery time for high ankle injuries is longer than that for lateral sprains. For example, in a 2014 study, participants with high ankle injuries took 62 days to recover. In contrast, those with lateral ankle sprains took only 15 days.
Similarly, another recent review reported a mean recovery period of 46 days following the injury.
The wide variation in recovery time could be due to the perplexing nature of the injury. For instance, studies show that some athletes initially presenting with mild symptoms have prolonged recovery periods. On the other hand, those with severe injuries recover earlier than expected.

I do not believe anyone is more disappointed he is not playing than Davenport himself. He is on one year deal and with his history, missing games is not helping out his next contract negotiations.

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