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Minnesota Vikings Reacts Survey: Who will score first?

We want you to call your shot

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to SB Nation Reacts, a survey of fans across the NFL. Throughout the year we ask questions of the most plugged-in Minnesota Vikings fans and fans across the country. Sign up here to participate in the weekly emailed surveys.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is once again time for us to bring you another SB Nation Reacts question about our Minnesota Vikings!

This time, we’re wondering about one specific aspect of this weekend’s season opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We’re asking who you think will score the first touchdown for the purple on Sunday at U.S. Bank Stadium.

We’ve given you plenty of options, but we’re sure that there are still some potentially good ones that aren’t on the list because. . .well, we can only have so many choices. But most of the usual suspects are on the list, and there’s always the “other” option if you’d like to go off the board a bit.

We’ll have the results of this survey for you in the next day or two, but in the meantime you can cast your vote in the poll and voice your opinion in the comments section. Have at it, folks!