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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 7 September 2023

“We’re not attempting to circumcise the rules.” - Bill Cowher

NFL: NFC Wild Card Round-New York Giants at Minnesota Vikings Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

The season begins! Are the Vikings going to prove that they are more on the competitive side than on the rebuild side? Will they continue to be clutch performers pulling more off late game efficiency and success? Will the defense be better so that they will not need to have late game comebacks as often? Will the offense be better and improve their scoring making late game comebacks unnecessary?

I think it will be combination of all of these factors that should lead to a successful season (i.e., making the playoffs). Losing in the first round again would not be good.

It is going to be an interesting season!

Since yore last open thread ...

Other Vikings News

There have been multiple reports in the past week saying the Vikings have a contract offer on the table and the team’s goal is to have Justin Jefferson put pen to paper and finalize an extension before the season begins Sunday against the Tampa Bay Bucs.
The stars probably won’t align, but if Jefferson doesn’t sign this season and the stars do align, then Jefferson could be used as a key piece of a trade package that could allow the Vikings to go for broke to find their version of Patrick Mahomes.

Super Bowl: Vikings vs. Jets
Yes. It’s going to happen. The Vikings against Aaron Rodgers in the Super Bowl. We’re off the Chiefs bandwagon and fully believe Rodgers coupled with Dalvin Cook, Breece Hall, Garrett Wilson and a dynamic defense led by Quinnen Williams and Sauce Gardner will be the team to beat in the AFC this season.
This game terrifies us. Rodgers going out as a champion might be written in the stars, but Kirk Cousins has quietly become one of the most likable players on the planet and his enthusiasm and leadership will lift the Vikings to the first Super Bowl in franchise history on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2024.

1. How much will O’Connell’s offense improve in year two?
2. Is the interior offensive line good enough?
3. Can Brian Flores fix this defense on his own?
4. Will the cornerback play be a disaster?
5. Can the Vikings stave off regression?

NFL News

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