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GA Skol’s 2023 Season Preview

It’s going to be another fun year.

Arizona Cardinals v Minnesota Vikings Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Welcome back to another NFL season! It has been a few months since I’ve written anything. I successfully predicted a 13-4- season last year. I am usually not a big homer or positive person all the time, but this coaching staff has me ready. I think this year will be a fun year, but I don’t know if we can expect a repeat of 13 wins from the guys in purple.

First Quarter – score 0-0 and we’re blowing the Gjallarhorn loud and proud. Let’s do this!

Week 1: Buccaneers @ Vikings

Baker Mayfield in his first game with the Bucs can be tricky, but I just don’t see him moving the ball efficiently and without turning the ball over. Kirk, JJ, Hock, Addison, and the offense should be able to move the ball against an overrated Bucs defense. This was a bad team last year with Tom Brady. Starting off the season with a W.

Vikings 27 – Buccaneers 13

Week 2: Vikings @ Eagles TNF

The exact same as week 2 last year, but on a Thursday instead of a Monday. I didn’t believe in the NFCE last year and it was the biggest mistake on my predictions. Jalen Hurts is good, and this is a tough ask for Brian Flores’ 2nd game. I don’t see a win here.

Eagles 31 – Vikings 23

Week 3: Chargers @ Vikings

Another tough matchup for the Vikings’ defense. Herbert looks to be the real deal and took a step-up last year. I think he continues to progress into the top 5 QB discussion. The Chargers run game knows how to get into the endzone too. This one will be a shootout, but I think Kirk can keep up at home.

Vikings 34 – Chargers 31

Week 4: Vikings @ Panthers

The Vikings are fortunate to get the Panthers early in the season. Bryce Young will still be learning and will likely give the ball over a few times. The Panthers aren’t great on defense, and I think the Vikings offense will be finely tuned by this point.

Vikings 24 – Panthers 17

Second Quarter – 3-1 start to the season will be fantastic. Decent chance it ends up being 2-2 with the Chargers game turning into a L.

Week 5: Chiefs @ Vikings

Yeah, the best quarterback in the league comes into town against a below average secondary. The only why the Vikings win this game is if Brian Flores’ schemes up a great pass rush plan. This game is winnable at home but isn’t likely to be a win.

Chiefs 34 – Vikings 28

Week 6: Vikings @ Bears

I am not a Justin Fields believer. I just don’t see the passing game development. However, running QBs will give this defense headaches (Daniel Jones in the playoffs comes to mind). This should be a win and Soldier Field is no longer an automatic loss for the team. It’ll be close, but I think the guys in purple will get the victory.

Vikings 20 – Bears 17

Week 7: 49ers @ Vikings MNF

I do not like this matchup at all for the Vikings. Prime Time against the strong defense of the 49ers spells a disaster for Kirko. I could see the Vikings beating the 49ers if McCaffrey isn’t 100% or Brock Purdy turns back into a pumpkin. I can’t predict either this early in the season.

49ers 26 – Vikings 20

Week 8: Vikings @ Packers

This is the first time in my fandom the Packers won’t have a HOF QB to start the season. At least I hope Love doesn’t turn out to be the 2nd coming of Aaron Rodgers. I don’t think Love and the Packers offense will be ready to compete this year. Their defense will be strong though. JJ v Jaire is going to be fun to watch.

Vikings 18 – Packers 10

Third Quarter – 5-3 just under halfway through the season. The team is looking good and taking care of business against the teams it should beat.

Week 9: Vikings @ Falcons

I’ll be at this game in my hometown in Atlanta. Bijan Robinson should be in prime form entering the game and the defense in Atlanta is no joke. This is a talented team that won 7 games last year with bad QB play. Ridder will get his chance to prove he is a legit QB. I don’t think he is, but I’ve been wrong before.

Vikings 34 – Falcons 13

Week 10: Saints @ Vikings

Derek Carr and the Saints come into town for another loss in Minnesota. Carr is a mediocre QB, and they are expecting him to be the savior to bring the team back into contention. The defense isn’t as good as it used to be, and this should be a win for the Vikings at home.

Vikings 23 – Saints 20

Week 11: Vikings @ Broncos SNF

Can Russell Wilson turn things around? Maybe, but more likely he is done being an elite QB. Their WR corps are already beat up and the Broncos aren’t great. The Vikings run game should be able to get it going and play keep away. However, this just feels like one they lose.

Broncos 20 – Vikings 17

Week 12: Bears @ Vikings MNF

This is a must win game before the bye if you are planning on contending. I think the team will be ready to go against a division rival on Prime Time. I think Kirk has proven that is no longer a relevant issue. I think the offense has its way on the turf in Minneapolis.

Vikings 30 – Bears 13

Fourth Quarter – 8-4 and the Vikings are in playoff contention. The bye is in a perfect spot for the team to rest up for the playoff run. The Lions will be on the prowl, but the Vikings are holding them off so far.

Week 13: Bye

Week 14: Vikings @ Raiders

Vegas baby, Vegas! This is a great road game to attend, and I am sure there will be plenty of purple in the stands. Good chance I will be in attendance as well. The Raiders are hoping Jimmy G is somehow an upgrade over Carr. All Jimmy has done is win everywhere he goes. However, I think his good fortune is up. He no longer has that 49ers run game and defense behind him.

Vikings 24 – Raiders 9

Week 15: Vikings @ Bengals

Justin Jefferson gets to reconnect with old teammates Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase. That’s a bad thing for the Vikings defense. I don’t think the secondary has a chance at stopping Cincinnati. The best WRs you will see all year on the same field, but the Vikings just don’t have the guys to get the stops they’ll need late.

Bengals 37 – Vikings 30

Week 16: Lions @ Vikings

This game might be for the division. A chance for the Vikings to pull away and cruise into the finish or lose and fight to the end. Here’s hoping Kirk stays in good form and the defense develops enough to stop a sneaky good Lions offense. FG to win at the buzzer after the Lions tie it late.

Vikings 27 – Lions 24

Week 17: Packers @ Vikings

Does Jordan Lover develop into a functioning QB by this point in the season or is Green Bay packing it in and looking at the draft boards. I think it is the latter. The defense will be able to key in on the run game and Love will be forced to beat them in the air. I don’t think he’s going to be able to do it. The Pack defense keeps it close, but it’s a win.

Vikings 17 – Packers 13

Week 18: Vikings @ Lions

A split with the Lions seems about right. The Vikings aren’t going to sweep the division and the Lions are the 2nd best team. I can’t in good conscious write 6-0 in the NFCN and there’s a good chance, if my predictions are true, the Vikings have nothing to play for here.

Lions 27 – Vikings 13

Playoff Time: 11-6 should be good enough for the 3 seed in the NFC. The team held off the Lions and is looking forward to a rubber match in the playoffs.

Playoff Seeding

1) 49ers (13-4)

2) Eagles (12-5)

3) Vikings (11-6)

4) Falcons (9-8)

5) Cowboys (12-5)

6) Lions (10-7)

7) Rams (9-8)

Wild Card Weekend

Eagles over Rams (31-13)

Vikings over Lions (27-24) The Vikings win the season series and advance to the Divisional Round.

Cowboys over Falcons (27-20)

Division Round

49ers over Cowboys (24-21)

Eagles over Vikings (31–20) the runs ends against the Eagles. The offense is just too much and they run away with it.

NFC Championship Game

49ers over Eagles (23-20)

Super Bowl

Bengals over 49ers (30-20) Joe Burrow and company finish off what they couldn’t do two years ago.