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Surprisingly, there’s still a path to the playoffs for the Vikings

But let’s be honest. . .it’s not happening

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Even after last night’s 33-10 loss to the Green Bay Packers, in which they had their own playoff destiny in their hands and decided to celebrate by not even showing up, there’s still a very narrow path to the playoffs for the Minnesota Vikings.

I’m gonna be honest. . .the odds of this happening are pretty miniscule, and after what we saw last night this team in no way, shape, or form actually deserves an invitation to the postseason party, but in the interest of keeping everybody informed here’s what has to happen.

First, the Vikings have to win in Week 18 at Ford Field against the Detroit Lions. The Lions are still in play for the #2 seed in the NFC and will have to win themselves to keep pressure on the Dallas Cowboys for that spot, as the Cowboys’ game is part of the late window on Sunday afternoon.

From there, the Vikings would need these three things to happen:

  • A loss by either New Orleans (at home against Atlanta) or Tampa Bay (at Carolina)
  • A loss by Green Bay (at home against Chicago)
  • A loss by Seattle (at Arizona)

The two NFC South games are both part of the early window on Sunday, while the other two games are part of the late afternoon window.

If all of those things happen, the Vikings back into the playoffs with an 8-9 record as the 7-seed in the NFC and would be facing either a trip to Dallas or a rubber match with the Lions in Detroit.

I’m not going to do the full-on playoff picture in the NFC, because the Vikings are just barely in it and fading like Marty McFly’s family at this point, but there is still a very narrow path for them to get into the postseason for the second year in a row.