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Your Full Week 18 NFL Schedule

Who’s playing when and where?

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Robert Laberge/Getty Images

As they do every year, the National Football League waited until Week 17 was pretty much over with to announce the times for every game of the final week of the regular season. There will be two games on Saturday afternoon to kick things off. After that, the games with little to no importance will be in the early window on Sunday afternoon, games with greater postseason implications are in the late afternoon window, and the game that has been deemed the most important takes place on Sunday Night Football.

Here is the complete list of games for this coming Sunday, broken down by which window they’re in and giving you the network that they’ll be on. Games that are potentially of interest to the Minnesota Vikings’ very slim playoff hopes are in bold.

Saturday Doubleheader

Early Window Games (noon Central) on Sunday

Late Window Games (3:25 PM Central) on Sunday

Sunday Night Football