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Are the Vikings Exploring NFL Draft Trade-Ups? Find out!

In this episode of The Real Forno Show, Tyler and Dave discuss the possibility of the Minnesota Vikings trading up for a quarterback in the NFL Draft. They analyze past trades and the concept of a “quarterback tax” to determine the potential cost and feasibility of such a move. They also touch on other topics, including the future of Kirk Cousins and the dynamics of coaching changes in the league. Tune in for this insightful and informative discussion!

Welcome to The Real Forno Show! In this episode, Tyler Forness delves into the possibility of the Minnesota Vikings trading up for a quarterback in the upcoming NFL Draft. With discussions happening on social media and speculation surrounding potential trades, Tyler takes a deep dive into the topic and shares his extensive research on past trades and historical data.

Background: Exploring Trade Possibilities

Tyler starts by explaining his motivation behind researching trade scenarios for the Vikings. He acknowledges the buzz on social media about the team’s potential interest in trading up for a quarterback and sets out to investigate the feasibility of such a move. He spent considerable time analyzing past trades, looking at historical data, and considering the impact on the trade market.

Trades and the Quarterback Tax: Understanding the Costs

To understand the potential cost of trading up for a quarterback, Tyler introduces the concept of the “quarterback tax.” He explains that teams often pay a premium to secure their desired quarterback in the draft. The perceived strength of the quarterback class and the overall quality of the draft impact the cost of trading up. Tyler examines various trades involving teams moving up in the draft to secure top quarterbacks, providing insights into the factors that influence the cost.

The Complexity of Trades: Navigating Unknown Variables

Drawing an analogy to the birth of a child, Tyler highlights the complexity of trades in the NFL Draft. Just as the birth of a child involves numerous variables and unknowns, trading up in the draft entails a multitude of factors to consider. He emphasizes that while the general construct of a trade is straightforward, the specific details can vary greatly depending on the needs and strategies of the teams involved.

Vikings’ Quarterback Situation: Assessing Kirk Cousins’ Future

Tyler shifts the focus to the Vikings’ current quarterback situation and the uncertainty surrounding Kirk Cousins. He raises concerns about Cousins’ Achilles tendon injury and its potential impact on his performance and mobility. Tyler notes the importance of obtaining more information about Cousins’ recovery and evaluating how it might affect his abilities on the field. He also discusses the implications of extending Cousins’ contract and the need for careful consideration before making any decisions.

The Importance of Information: Decisions Based on Data

Emphasizing the significance of data and information in decision-making, Tyler highlights Kwesi Adofo-Mensah’s comments about reaching an agreement that works for both sides in regard to keeping Kirk Cousins. He commends Adofo-Mensah’s ability to provide well-thought-out answers without divulging too much. Tyler stresses the need for the Vikings to gather more information and thoroughly assess all relevant factors before committing to any trade or contract decisions.

Conclusion: The Road Ahead for the Vikings

In this episode of The Real Forno Show, Tyler explores the possibility of the Minnesota Vikings trading up for a quarterback in the NFL Draft. He shares his research on past trades, discusses the quarterback tax, and sheds light on the complexity of such moves. Tyler raises concerns about Kirk Cousins’ injury and emphasizes the importance of gathering more information before making any decisions regarding his future with the team.


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As the draft approaches, the Vikings find themselves at a crossroads. The decision to trade up for a quarterback or explore other options requires careful evaluation of all available data and considerations. Stay tuned for future episodes of The Real Forno Show as Tyler continues to provide insights into the latest topics and discussions in the world of football.


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