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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 13 January 2024

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I love watching playoff games but it will be disappointing not seeing the Vikings play even if they would get beat.

I think that it is quite possible that Kwesi is going to play it safe and extend Cousins because you simply MUST have a QB in the NFL.

He could go with a rookie and another cheaper veteran but that comes with just as much risk as extending Cousins.

I think he has to be proactive in at least considering a trade for a QB who teams have soured on like a Zach Wilson (yuck), Justin Fields (maybe), or Davis Mills.

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Off Season Plan

Cap Space
2024: $36,381,185 (40 players including Cousin, Hunter, Davenport who have dead money)
2025: $139,489,530


Extend Cousins - 2 yr 75M (fully gtd & no trade)
Extend JJ - 4 yr 132M
Cut Smith
Extend Dalton Risner - 3 yr 21M
Cap Space
2024: $52,758,301
2025: $81,755,414
Sign Bryce Huff (EDGE) - 4 yr 64M
Sign DJ Reader (DT) - 3 yr 45M
Sign AJ Epenesa (DE) - 3 yr 21M
Sign L’Jarius Sneed (CB) - 4 yr 70M
Give Original RFA tender to Blake Brandel - 2.828M


Cap Space
2024: $21,805,301 (43 players with Hunter, Davenport, and Smith gone)
2025: $24,880,414
Pick up ERFA contracts of Nick Muse, Theo Jackson, and TJ Smith


Cap Space
2024: $19,040,301 (46 players)
2025: $24,880,414

Yore Mock

Trade Partner: Green Bay Packers
Sent: Round 1 Pick 11
Received: Round 1 Pick 19, Round 2 Pick 19
Trade Partner: Carolina Panthers
Sent: Round 2 Pick 10
Round 4 Pick 8, Received: Round 2 Pick 1
Trade Partner: San Francisco 49ers
Sent: Round 2 Pick 19
Received: Round 2 Pick 31, Round 3 Pick 30

19: R1 P19 EDGE Jared Verse - Florida State

33: R2 P1 C Jackson Powers-Johnson - Oregon 6’3” 320

63: R2 P31 EDGE Jonah Elliss - Utah 6’2” 246

94: R3 P30 LB Edgerrin Cooper - Texas A&M 6’3” 230

128: R4 P28 CB Mike Sainristil - Michigan 5’10” 183

162: R5 P26 S Kitan Oladapo - Oregon State 6’1” 217

163: R5 P27 WR Jermaine Burton - Alabama 6’0” 194

176: R6 P1 G LaDarius Henderson - Michigan 6’4” 315

187: R6 P12 LB Trevin Wallace - Kentucky 6’2” 241

229: R7 P10 K Joshua Karty - Stanford

QB: Cousins, Mullens, Hall
RB: Chandler, Mattison, Nwangwu, Ham
WR: Jefferson, Addison, Nailor, Jackson, Harry, Thomas, *Burton
TE: Hockenson, Oliver, Muse, Mundt
OT: Darrisaw, O’Neill, Brandel, Cronk
OG: Risner, Ingram, Robinson, Byrd, *Henderson
OC: Bradbury, *Powers-Johnson
DT: Reader, Phillips, Roy
DE: Epenesa, Jones, Lowry,
EDGE: Huff, *Verse, *Ellis
LB: Pace, Asamoah, Kwenkeu, *Cooper, *Wallace
CB: Murphy, Sneed, Evans, Blackmon, Booth, *Sainristil
S: Bynum, Metellus, Cine, Ward, Thompson, *Oladapo
P: Wright
K: *Karty
LS: DePaola


Is that going ALL-IN? They could give minimum deals to Schlottmann, Udoh, Reed, Quessenberry, Mundt (likely), and Bullard but none would really effect much when you add in the rookies. They could go after other free agents as well but only on mimimum deals. They might want to extend Bynum and Phillips over the summer depending on the price.

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