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The Minnesota Vikings Won The Stefon Diggs Trade

The Diggs trade is no longer a "win-win" move for both sides.

Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images

The Stefon Diggs trade has often been referred to as a "win-win" move for both the Minnesota Vikings and the Buffalo Bills. Buffalo got an elite wide receiver to pair with Josh Allen who is one of the best quarterbacks in the league. All it took was a late first round pick and some change, and the move opened the Bills' Super Bowl window for a few years.

As great of a player Diggs has been for the Buffalo Bills, it's becoming increasingly clear that the Minnesota Vikings won the trade. The probability of Minnesota drafting a better receiver than Diggs was low, but Justin Jefferson has developed into a generational talent and has the potential to reach Randy Moss levels of greatness.

Of course, this isn't a new revelation for Vikings fans. We all know how great Jefferson has been, but what really tips the scales in Minnesota's favor has been the ascension of Camryn Bynum. The Vikings used the fourth round pick they received from the Buffalo Bills to draft Bynum. Cam had a great rookie year in Mike Zimmer’s last year as head coach, but he severely regressed in his second year in Ed Donatell’s Vic Fangio style defense.

Fortunately, Cam Bynum had quite the bounceback year in 2023 under defensive coordinator Brian Flores. He was arguably the Vikings’ best safety in a room that features Harrison Smith, Josh Metellus, and a first round pick not named Kyle Hamilton. Hey did you guys know we could’ve had Hamilton?!?!

Bynum’s presence has really helped nullify the disappointment that is Lewis Cine, or at least for me anyways. Cam Bynum graded out as PFF’s 21st graded safety, above the likes of Kevin Byard, Julian Love, and Adrian Amos. That’s pretty good production for a 4th round pick.

People like to say that the Diggs trade was a “win-win” since both sides got good players. However, this trade was 100% a win-now move for the Bills, and they haven’t done squat in the playoffs. To make matters worse, this year’s Divisional Round loss to the Kansas City Chiefs may be the straw that broke the camel’s, or in this case, the Buffalo’s back. Stefon Diggs refused to speak with the media after the game.

Meanwhile his brother Trevon has been aggressively trying to recruit him to Dallas. It would not shock me if Stefon requests a trade this offseason, especially if the Bills keep Sean McDermott as head coach. If the Bills lose Diggs without winning a Super Bowl, then the trade won’t be remembered as a “win-win” trade, it will just be a win for Minnesota. Not only did the Vikings get the better player in Justin Jefferson, but they also found Harrison Smith’s replacement in Cam Bynum.

To the Vikings fans who are still acting like this was a true 50/50 “win-win” trade, do me a favor: Stop trying to appease Bills fans with an inoffensive take. It’s okay to be proud of the fact that the Vikings robbed the Bills blind.