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Perhaps the time has come to forgive Joe Buck

It’s been long enough

Dallas Cowboys vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Perry Knotts/Getty Images

For a pretty significant length of time now, a lot of fans of the Minnesota Vikings have developed a fairly healthy dislike for Joe Buck. Now with ESPN, a lot of the animosity stems from the infamous call that Buck made when Randy Moss scored a touchdown at Lambeau Field in the playoffs and proceeded to pretend to moon the crowd behind the end zone.

A lot of people felt that Buck completely overreacted to what Moss had done, and the overreaction was made funnier by the fact that he was calling games for FOX. . .a network that, at the time, was not exactly known for highbrow programming.

Well, apparently Buck regrets that call as well, as he said it was the one call he would like to have back on ESPN’s This is Football podcast.

Clark: “You get to go back in time and redo one call. . .where you goin’, Joe Buck?”

Buck: “The Randy Moss call, for sure, with the ‘that’s disgusting.’ I don’t know why, and the irony of it all is a) we were at FOX together for a brief while when he was there, b) now we’re at ESPN together and my wife, Michelle, does the pre-game show. Of all the people on that show, even prior to our arrival, because he’s been there since we got there, the nicest human being to my wife was Randy and I would go, like, on Mondays and support her, and he’d be the guy that would hop off the set and come down and we’d give high fives and the handshake and the lean-in hug.”

I won’t transcribe the whole quote here. . .the clip is only about two minutes long so you can check it out above there.

I will admit that the Joe Buck call of the Minneapolis Miracle in the 2017 Divisional Round was pretty outstanding, though I still think I like the Paul Allen call just a bit more. But, at this point, if Randy Moss doesn’t have a problem with Joe Buck anymore, perhaps the time has come to finally let bygones be bygones.