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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 27 January 2024

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2023 Pac-12 Championship - Oregon v Washington Photo by Ric Tapia/Getty Images

“I was the oddity 20 years ago, and now my game is the prototype. It’s how you do it,” Young told Eisen. “It’s the guys who are just dominating the league. My theory is you cannot get to the Super Bowl and win a Super Bowl unless you have one of those guys.”

Young likened today’s quarterbacks to “superheroes,” stating the impossibility of reaching any sort of postseason success without one.

“The key is that they have the sophistication in the passing game to be able to stand in there, call the play in the huddle, decipher through the defense and get the ball out in a really effective and efficient way, yet be able to put the Superman cape on here and there whenever it’s useful,” Young said. “The game has become a game of these superheroes, and if you don’t have one, you can’t go to the Super Bowl.”


This is exactly what Kirk Cousins does NOT have and it is the main reason why there are perpetual excuses for the team not getting to the playoffs regularly (let alone advancing to the NFCCG).

If the Vikings re-sign Cousins, he is going to be be even less mobile (is that even possible?) than he was before. He hardly ever does the things that Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, and Patrick Mahomes do regularly. When plays break down, they make something happen. At age 36, coming off a torn Achilles, we will be lucky to see Cousins scramble once or twice every few games.

Is it a wonder why there are rumors that Kwesi was trying to go get Anthony Richardson?

Is there someone like that in this year’s draft besides Caleb Williams? I really do not know to be honest. Maye?

Since yore last open thread

Nick Miller’s Database on the Top Quarterbacks in the 2024 Draft Class

Report: T.J. Hockenson has not had his knee surgery yet

Other Vikings News

Vikings QB Kirk Cousins Gets Encouraging Injury Update, Primed to Sign Big Deal

“Cousins is believed to be the first player in NFL history to play on fully-guaranteed money nine years and running, going back to those two franchise tags he signed in Washington before he got the first big deal in Minnestoa back in 2017,” Pelissero reported. “Cousins is gonna turn 36 before next season. He is coming off that ruptured Achilles. I’m told, though, he’s ahead of schedule in his recovery. … He’s actually going to be throwing before the combine next month, so everything is tracking in a good direction for Kirk Cousins to be fully ready to roll for the Vikings, or whoever he might be with in 2024.”
“Cousins and his agent Mike McCartney have mastered this free agent game and extension game,” Ross said. “We know Kirk was crushing it throughout this year [then] had the Achilles injury. His importance was seen even more with the turn style of quarterbacks that were in there in Minnesota when he went out. So even though he’s coming off the injury, Kirk has proved he knows how to get the money. He has proved he can put up yards and be prolific in the league. And [due to] a whole lot of teams without top-tier guys, Kirk — I think — is all set to cash in once again.”
“Sign Cousins, and you might be risking a more malleable future with a franchise-defining upside,” Alec Lewis of The Athletic wrote on Thursday, January 25. “Opt to go the other route, and you might be risking years of inconsistency only to end up feeling that all you need to get over the hump is a quarterback like Kirk Cousins.”

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Vikings UFA Profile: OL Oli Udoh

Vikings UFA Profile: LB Troy Dye

Future of the Vikings, Part 6: Running backs

Baker Mayfield and 4 Other Bridge Quarterback Options for the Vikings

Baker Mayfield
After spending 2022 with the Panthers and Rams, Mayfield had a resurgent 2023 season in Tampa, leading the Buccaneers to the divisional round. He threw for over 4,000 yards with 28 touchdowns and ten picks, earning a spot as a finalist for the comeback player of the year award. Now that Bucs offensive coordinator Dave Canales has been hired as Carolina’s head coach, Mayfield seems likely to head elsewhere in free agency. He might be rather interested in playing under Kevin O’Connell and throwing to the Vikings’ weapons.

Falcons Less Likely to Pursue Cousins After Hiring Morris, Not Belichick?

NFL Draft Stuff

NFL Draft 2024 Rumors: Michael Penix Jr.’s Medical Reports ‘Are Going to Clear’

Per The Athletic’s Bruce Feldman, Penix’s doctor told the quarterback “his medicals are going to clear” when the two met on Monday.

Why wouldn’t they clear? Dude has played the last two seasons. Same with Latu. He should clear too. But teams will talk themselves out of these players because of fear. Actually, they’ll probably have a super nerd show them some “risk-analysis” that tells them it’s better to trade down and get two lesser players than one really good one. Not saying Penix is really good but I like him.

Mock draft has Fields headed to Patriots in blockbuster Bears trade

I wonder if Drake Maye will actually fall in the draft? I was listening to a podcast and a former GM was saying how coaches have not had the chance to look at the film and when they do his stock could drop.

Is he another Will Levis or Drew Lock? IDK but he does have the things that Steve Young was talking about. At least a little.

Drake Maye NFL Draft 2024: Scouting Report for UNC QB

Drake Maye NFL Draft Scouting Report

QB Drake Maye: Bottom-Tier NFL Starter

2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report
A plug-and-play dual-role pro-style prospect with average accuracy. Pro Day star. Hot and cold on film. Comfortable in the pocket. Polished technician. All business. Spring in his step. Quick, urgent tempo. Fancy ball handling. Downfield minded. Navigates the pocket well. Tough. Poised. Stares down the barrel of the pass rush and fires. Strong arm. Accurate rolling out in either direction. Spreads ball around. Hell-bent on being a perfectionist. Strong tendency to press his throws will hold him back. Inconsistent ball placement will be the main issue.
Final words
Maye will not see a second contract from the team that drafts him if he goes top 17.

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