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Keenan McCardell to serve as Offensive Coordinator for Pro Bowl Games

Yes, the flag football game requires an OC

Kansas City Chiefs v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

There have been rumors circulating this offseason that Minnesota Vikings’ wide receiver coach Keenan McCardell was in the mix for an offensive coordinator position somewhere, and now he’s gotten that opportunity.

Sort of.

McCardell and former New England Patriots star Wes Welker have been named offensive coordinators for the flag football contest at this year’s Pro Bowl Games, which will take place in February a week ahead of the Super Bowl. McCardell will work with the NFC side, while Welker will call plays for the AFC. Welker is currently the wide receivers coach for the Miami Dolphins.

The squads have defensive coordinators as well, with DeMarcus Ware joining McCardell on the NFC side and Ray Lewis handling the job for the AFC.

This will be the first time that McCardell has ever called plays, and he’s pretty excited for the opportunity.

“It will be good to get out in front of the best of the best of the league,” said McCardell, who had 11,373 yards receiving in his 16-year playing career. “Just show your skill set — can you call plays and get guys the ball? It’s fun and I understand it’s an exhibition for those guys. I understand where their attention span is. I just know as it comes down to the end of the game, those competitive spirits get firing, you’ve got to be ready to call the right stuff for them. I just want to get a chance to show I can call plays.”

McCardell got several interviews for offensive coordinator positions last season and was rumored to have interest from the New Orleans Saints to fill that spot for them this offseason. While nothing has come of it yet, the Vikings shouldn’t expect that McCardell will be happy being the Vikings’ wide receivers coach forever. . .even if that does mean getting to work with Justin Jefferson and Jordan Addison every day.

While being named the offensive coordinator for a flag football game might not seem like a big thing on the surface, McCardell has gotten enough respect around the league that they’ve given him the opportunity to do it.

The flag football game will take place on the last day of the Pro Bowl Games, which falls on 4 February in Orlando.