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A documentary on the Purple People Eaters is coming soon

Already looking forward to it!

Minnesota Vikings vs Los Angeles Rams - December 7, 1969 Photo by James Flores/Getty Images

There is a new documentary coming soon about the Minnesota Vikings, and this one should help those of us that missed out on watching one of the greatest personnel units in team history to have a greater understanding of just how good they were.

Winter State Entertainment has wrapped up production on Purple People Eaters, a documentary that will highlight the centerpiece of the Vikings teams that made four Super Bowls in the 1970s under the eye of head coach Bud Grant.

All four primary members of the Purple People Eaters participated in the making of the film, so we’ll be hearing from Hall of Famers Carl Eller and Alan Page, should-be Hall of Famer Jim Marshall, and Gary Larsen about that era of Vikings football. According to Deadline, former Vikings Ahmad Rashad and Jared Allen were also interviewed for the film, as were other members of the Vikings’ organization.

Eller appears to be pretty hyped for the film to be released:

I am very excited for this documentary about the Purple People Eaters to be shared with the World, so they can see what a special, talented group of guys manned the line. It was my good fortune to have experienced the friendships and camaraderie of these phenomenal men. We are the only remaining living front four from the era of great defensive lines and it will be truly special for the viewer to see what made us the players we were.

For folks like me who have only seen the Purple People Eaters through the power of NFL Films highlights, this should be a pretty exciting look on a group of men that are legendary not only in the history of the Vikings, but in the history of the league as well. These gentlemen are getting a little up there in age, so it’s nice to see that a film like this was made while all of the primary subjects were able to actively participate in it.

There hasn’t been a release date given for the film to this point, but once we hear any sort of word about it we will pass it along to you here.