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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 30 January 2024

“The flame that burns Twice as bright burns half as long.” - Lao Tzu

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No need to discuss the topic of the offseason.

Since yore last open thread

The speculation about Kirk Cousins’ asking price has started

T.J. Hockenson has finally had his knee surgery

Other Vikings News

Future of the Vikings, Part 7: Quarterback

If the Vikings weren’t willing to go all-in on Cousins prior to 2023, why would they want to do it now? Whether it’s logical to weigh as part of the decision or not, the performance of Vikings backups highlighted Cousins’ talent for operating Kevin O’Connell’s offense. If the Vikings brass believes it can pick up where Cousins left off with the offseason in Week 8, 2023, they might be willing to set aside the ramifications of a big QB contract and historical age comparisons in order to stay in the mix in the NFC North rather than risking a draft pick or bridge QB not being able to recreate his high-level performance.

NFL Rumors: Wild Cowboys-Bears trade, Vikings shocking QB bridge, Mac Jones stunner

Seven free agents the Vikings should consider

NFL Draft Stuff

2024 East-West Shrine Bowl Weigh-Ins and Measurements for Top NFL Draft Prospects

2024 East-West Shrine Bowl Rosters: Official Heights & Weights And Other Measurements

2024 Shrine Bowl Day 1 Risers and Sliders: Christian Mahogany, Malik Washington Standout

2024 Shrine Bowl Day 2 Risers and Sliders: Qwan’tez Stiggers and Khristian Boyd Stand Out

2024 Shrine Bowl Day 3 Risers and Sliders: Xavier Thomas and Tahj Washington Stand Out

2024 NFL Draft: Eight players who stood out in Monday’s East-West Shrine Bowl practices

2024 East-West Shrine Bowl Practice Notes, Day 1

2024 East-West Shrine Bowl Practice Notes, Day 2

2024 East-West Shrine Bowl Practice Notes, Day 3

2024 Senior Bowl Preview: One player to watch at each position, including Oregon QB Bo Nix

2024 Senior Bowl Weigh-In, Measurement Results For NFL Prospects

NFL Hot Press: 2024 Senior Bowl Rumors Monday

NFL Hot Press: 2024 Senior Bowl Rumors Tuesday

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