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Andrew Sendejo Has Resurrected His "Make Football Violent Again" Merch

Make Football Violent Again Part Two: Electric Boogaloo

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Wild Card Round - Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

One of the things former Minnesota Vikings safety Andrew Sendejo is most remembered for is his outspoken stance regarding physicality in the modern NFL. Over the years the league has imposed increasingly stricter rules to ensure player safety, but that came at a cost. Because of these new rules, NFL defenders are put in a precarious situation where they're constantly trying to avoid being penalized and a byproduct of that is defenders playing scared.

Andrew Sendejo was a guy who prided himself on playing a brand of instinctive and hard-nosed style of football. So much so that he once wore a hat that read “Make Football Violent Again” back in 2018 following the NFL’s decision to eliminate helmet-to-helmet contact. Sendejo’s stance was controversial back then, with the story making rounds on some larger news outlets including The Washington Post, TMZ, and USA Today.

Back in 2018, Andrew Sendejo teamed up with Austin Embroidery Co. to sell some merch with the famous “Make Football Violent Again” tagline, but eventually they disappeared never to return again… Or so we thought. As it turns out, the partnership between Andrew Sendejo and Austin Embroidery Co. has been resurrected. Which means you can once again buy your very own “Make Football Violent Again” hat! To place an order, email and tell them Tyler from Daily Norseman sent you!

I feel like a total sell-out, but it’ll totally be worth it if Andrew Sendejo joins Dustin Baker and I on VikesNow. We’re really trying to grow this show by pumping out daily videos, continuing to add to our roster of smart football minds which includes two new regulars — Garret Greenlee who runs the Football Analysis channel on YouTube, and Saivion Mixson who does an excellent job covering the Vikings for USA Today’s Vikings Wire.

We just released a new video today, so go check that out on the VikesNow YouTube channel! I can’t link it here due to over-complicated business reasons that I won’t divulge into, but I trust that Daily Norseman readers know how to use a search bar. With all that being said…

Your move, Andrew!