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Vikings legend Paul Krause... and the ultimate Man Cave

What’s he missing?

2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony
If I was a Hall of Famer I’d do the same damn thing
Photo by: 2017 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

As the the annual doldrums of the traditional Minnesota Vikings offseason have well and truly began in earnest, a lot of us settle into our typical Sunday slots to either hope for teams to lose (cough, Kansas City, cough) or to just sit around and enjoy the last day before the grind begins again.

Of course, that is if you are still in the workforce.

For those of you that are not, well, here is a very interesting look into what your dreams may look like when your laying in bed.

It’s another dreary winter day in the plains of southern Minnesota, and Vikings great Paul Krause was gracious enough to give Fox 9’s cameras a tour of your typical sheet-metal building.

It looks as drab as the January sky from outside, save for a ‘Krause Parking’ sign (that was hastily spray painted) and a few murals of choppers, classic cars, and of course, a large American flag.

One could think they were driving past a small town VFW bar - although its unique rural Minnesota camoflauge hides a true treasure trove of Vikings memorabilia, classic cars and bikes, and large TV screens.

“This is a man cave to be proud of,” says Krause with a hearty laugh early on, and by god, it’s a work of art. One would never think it was a fully decorated 12,000 sq/ft football shrine/classics garage combo on a quick glance.

Just as much a museum as a spot to watch the game, Krause stuffed the building to the brim with a staggering amount of jerseys, footballs, helmets, and other mementos from his time in the NFL.

Krause, as befitting a Hall of Famer, has an immense stat line including 81 interceptions (all time career leader), 3 pick sixes, 3 fumbles housed, and over 1100 interception return yards. Krause’s escapades are well known to us who adorn the purple and gold, so I won’t bog you down with those details and cut to where you need to go to check it out.

“It would take 3 days to show you everything,” Krause jokes with the news crew, who rightfully have the smiles of a kid with a full wallet in a candy shop.

What is truly unquantifiable, and perhaps the best part of the report, is the sense that there are truly a limitless amount of stories housed under that roof.

Tip of the cap to Fox 9 for some incredible community journalism and the grace of Krause to show them around. What a story and what a guy.