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Let’s Do This Vikings! Vikings at Lions Week 18

In this episode of Two Old Bloggers, Darren and Dave discuss the Minnesota Vikings’ decision to start Nick Mullens again, analyze the implications for the team, and explore the collapse of the Vikings’ defense. They also preview the Week 18 game between the Vikings and the Lions, emphasizing the importance of an effort from the team. Join us in this discussion of your Vikings in this episode of Two Old Bloggers on Vikings 1st & SKOL!

Welcome to another exciting episode of Two Old Bloggers with Darren Campbell and Dave Stefano, exclusively on Vikings 1st & SKOL. In this jam-packed episode, we delve deep into the Vikings’ decision to start Nick Mullens and its potential impact on their playoff chances. Additionally, we analyze the reasons behind the recent collapse of the Vikings’ defense and provide a comprehensive preview of the upcoming game against the Detroit Lions. Get ready for engaging discussion and all the latest news on the Minnesota Vikings. Let’s dive right in!

The Starter: Mullens, but Should it Be Hall?

One of the hottest topics surrounding the Vikings this season has been the quarterback position. Week after week, we’ve seen constant shuffling of quarterbacks, with the Vikings starting different players and benching others. This week, the spotlight falls on Nick Mullens, who has been named the starter over Jaren Hall and Josh Dobbs. While Mullens may not be the long-term solution for the Vikings, there are reasons behind this decision.

Darren raises valid concerns about Mullens’ turnovers and his ability to secure victories for the team. However, the coaching staff believes that Mullens fits the offensive scheme the best and gives the team the best chance to succeed. They have confidence in his ability to move the ball effectively and make the right decisions on the field. It’s an intriguing debate that sparks interest among fans. Who should be the starting quarterback, and what impact will this decision have on the team’s playoff aspirations?

Darren and Dave express disappointment over Kevin O’Connell’s decision to bench Hall in the previous game. They note that Jaren Hall’s performance in that game did not live up to expectations but would have liked to see him play through adversity and see if he could improve. Hall appeared hesitant and struggled to effectively lead the Vikings’ offense. Consequently, O’Connell made the decision to bench Hall and turn back to Mullens in the hopes of sparking the offense and salvaging the season. It obviously didn’t work, but Mullens did move the ball more effectively.

While understanding O’Connell’s choice to start Mullens, Darren and Dave question the long-term significance of this decision. They argue that the Vikings’ chances of making the playoffs are remote, even with a potential win against the Lions. Therefore, they believe O’Connell would have been better served giving Hall another start and sticking with him for the entire game. This would have provided an opportunity to assess Hall’s mental resilience, his ability to rebound from a poor start, and his growth as a leader.

The hosts emphasize the importance of Hall’s development to the Vikings’ future and express their desire to start gathering tape on him in order to evaluate his potential for the upcoming seasons. They acknowledge Mullens’ proficiency in O’Connell’s offensive system and his ability to move the ball effectively, but they question whether this choice accomplishes much for the Vikings in 2024.

Another Problem: The Collapse of the Defense

In recent weeks, the Vikings’ defense has experienced a significant decline. Once regarded as one of the best defenses in the league, they have struggled to maintain their performance in the last three games. The statistics speak for themselves: giving up 87 points in just nine quarters, compared to 50 points in the previous 19 quarters. The defensive efficiency ratings have taken a nosedive, with the Vikings now sitting at the bottom of the league over that timeframe.

What caused this sudden decline? While facing stronger offenses may play a part, it’s clear that injuries and the use of backup quarterbacks have also impacted the defense’s ability to perform at its best. The absence of key players like Marcus Davenport, D.J. Wonnum, Jordan Hicks, Mehki Blackmon, and Byron Murphy Jr. has weakened the defensive unit. Additionally, the lack of pass-rush talent beyond Danielle Hunter has been evident, with Marcus Davenport only playing two full games and struggling with injuries.

Darren and Dave attribute part of the defensive collapse to the quality of opponents faced during this stretch. The Vikings’ defense excelled against weaker offenses earlier in the season, but they have encountered stronger offenses in recent games. The hosts also discuss the predictability of the Vikings’ blitz packages and the adjustments made by opposing teams to exploit their defensive strategies. They suggest that Brian Flores and the coaching staff need to make necessary adjustments to maintain the effectiveness of their pressure looks and ensure that the defense remains unpredictable.

Despite the recent struggles, Darren and Dave acknowledge the overall solid performance of the defense this season. They commend the efforts of players such as Danielle Hunter, Jordan Hicks, and Harrison Smith. However, they assert that the Vikings need to upgrade their defensive roster in the offseason to reach the level of talent required for sustained success. This includes re-signing Danielle Hunter and addressing the cornerback position, as well as finding additional pass rushers to support Danielle Hunter.

Looking Ahead: Vikings vs. Lions

As the regular season draws to a close, the Vikings find themselves facing the Lions in Week 18. With slim playoff hopes still on the line, this game takes on added significance. Starting Nick Mullens may provide the offense with a better chance to perform, but fans can’t help but wonder about the development of Jaren Hall and the long-term implications of this decision.

Furthermore, the collapse of the Vikings’ defense raises concerns about their ability to compete against stronger opponents. The Lions may not be the toughest challenge, but they are close to it if the stats are indeed correct. The Vikings need to display resilience and determination regardless of the circumstances. This game is an opportunity for players to showcase their skills and potential heading into the offseason, as well as for the coaching staff to evaluate the team’s commitment and effort.

Darren and Dave analyze key matchups and storylines for the game. They discuss the potential impact of Jared Goff and the possibility of Teddy Bridgewater stepping in due to an injury or blowout. The hosts emphasize the importance of a competitive performance and the need for players to step up and make a statement in this final game of the season.

Looking beyond this game, Darren and Dave reflect on the overall season, marred by injuries and disappointment. They express their hopes for a fresh start in the 2024 season and discuss the potential for roster changes and improvements needed for the Vikings to achieve success in the future. The upcoming draft will be crucial in addressing the team’s needs and finding the right players to strengthen the roster.


Thank you for joining us on this episode of Two Old Bloggers. We’ve delved into the Vikings’ decision to start Nick Mullens and the potential impact on their playoff chances. The collapse of the defense has been a cause for concern, highlighting the challenges the team has faced with injuries and the use of backup quarterbacks.

As the Vikings take on the Lions in Week 18, all eyes will be on the outcome of the game and its implications for the future of the franchise. Stay tuned for more analysis, discussion, and the latest news on your Minnesota Vikings. Until next time, SKOL!



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