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Interview with JJ Vikings

Today I spoke with JJ Vikings — a 13 year old Vikings fan who went viral this season, with dreams of becoming an NFL analyst for the Minnesota Vikings.

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with JJ Anyeacho, who is more commonly known as JJ Vikings. JJ is a young, sharp-witted YouTuber who’s dream is to one day work as an NFL analyst for the Minnesota Vikings.

In less than a year, JJ has quickly amassed over 3,400 followers on X/Twitter, and his YouTube channel where he talks about the Vikings has over 700 subscribers. What’s even more incredible, is all the experiences he’s had over this past year.

JJ had the opportunity to meet two on-air personalities from the Vikings Entertainment Network in Gabe Henderson and Tatum Everett, and he even had hs own segment on FOX 9! JJ has also met with some current players including NaJee Thompson, Alexander Mattison, and Cam Bynum who personally invited JJ to be the reporter at the next CampBeezy in the Philippines!

Even Yesterday, JJ got to interview Dalton Risner ahead of the Vikings regular season finale against the Detroit Lions. That’s an impressive resume for anyone, let alone a 13 year old. Needless to say, JJ Vikings has a bright future in the world of sports media!