Vikings are sitting good at #11

My reaction to the Minnesota Vikings receiving the 11th pick in the 2024 draft was initially not a good one. It's about time that the Vikings really invest in a young QB, but the consensus seems to be that there are three quarterbacks that make up the clear top tier. With all the teams in need of a QB in the top 10 of the draft, it's highly unlikely that any of those three quarterbacks will be available when Minnesota is on the clock.

The next position group that is likely to come off the board quickly is wide receiver. Fortunately, this is perhaps Minnesota's biggest strength, with arguably the best WR in the league, paired with a young impressive speedster in Allison who was drafted last season. I mean, if Marvin Harrison Jr. is there at #1, you have to take him, but he's so good that I won't be surprised if he goes number one overall. The Bears don't seem willing to give up on the Justin Fields project quite yet. Pair him with perhaps the best WR coming out of college since Calvin Johnson, and 2024 will be Fields' "make it or break it"-year.

After QB and WR, I believe there will be a small run on offensive tackles. It's very likely that two tackles will be off the board, quite possibly three, before #11. This also happens to be Minnesota's strength, as they have two solid and young blockers on each end of the line in Darrisaw and O'Neil.

To sum it up, we should expect that

3 passers (Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, Jayden Daniels),

4 receivers (Marvin Harrison, Brock Bowers, Malik Nabers, Rome Odunze),

3 blockers (Joe Alt, Fashanu, Fuaga),

will all be gone by the #11 draft pick.

I would also not be surprised to see one or two defensive ends sneak into the top 10.

If one of the quarterbacks, Marvin Harrison, or Brock Bowers somehow becomes available at #11, then the Vikes should go for them. With that unlikely scenario set aside, I think that Minnesota will still have very intriguing players to choose from.

1. Cooper DeJean - defensive back


Maybe the most versatile player in this draft. DeJean is special. He can play like 1/3 of the positions on defense, plus he's one of the best returners coming out of college this year.

With his instincts and rare playmaking abilities, DeJean reminds me a bit of Deion Sanders (except that DeJean is already a good tackler). This is one of the highest praises I can give a player because Deion is certainly one of my all-time favorite players.

Cornerback is one of the weakest position groups in Minnesota. A part of me feel a bit hesitant to invest so much in CB considering that the team has invested alot on that position in recent drafts, but that's really no reason to avoid addressing the issue. Lastly, as fans we want our team to win, but we also are fans of the sport itself, and DeJean is sure to bring much excitement to Minnesota.

2. J.J. McCarthy - quarterback


This one will probably cause a stir, but McCarthy has too much upside. Strong arm, athletic, good runner, good football size/build, and most importantly: he's a winner. He was never asked to carry the offense at Michigan, but it's unfair to fault him for that. He did what the coach asked of him to do, and the team won. A lot.

McCarthy is very young and still raw. I think it will be too much to ask a 21 year old to go from being a game manager in college, to carrying a team in the pro league. Let's face it, the starting QB in Minnesota will not get much help from the running game and the defense in 2024.. Ideally, McCarthy sits behind Kirk Cousins (or Russell Wilson) for one year.

3. Kris Jenkins - defensive lineman


A safer pick than the previous, I am a big fan of Jenkins. He reminds me a bit of Aaron Donald in some ways. Jenkins is very powerful, but he's far from the pass rusher that Donald is. However, I envision that he will continue to grow in the NFL.

I think Jenkins will be a great fit at DE in Minnesota's 3-4 scheme, and defensive end is certainly a need. Also, Jenkins' run defense is so good that he might be able to play nose tackle as well.

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