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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 10 February 2024

“All in all and on the whole: some day I wish to be only a Yes-sayer.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 02 Middle Tennessee at Alabama Photo by Joe Robbins/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

One more day to the big game which once again does not include yore Minnesota Vikings. Sigh!

One day right?

It is hard to bet against Mahomes and the Chiefs. I think the Chiefs has the better defense as well which is going to make it tough on Purdy.

Purdy is going to have to be very careful and his play will be key to the 49ers success.

I am going Chiefs 27 - 49ers 17

Since yore last open thread

Norse Code Podcast Episode 505: Supply Side Guyconomics

Marcus Dixon to become new Vikings’ defensive line coach

Mike Zimmer is back on an NFL sideline

Report: Jared Allen passed over for Hall of Fame induction again

Can Mock Drafts Aid Free Agency Decisions? The Vikings Do Them & So Do We!

Justin Jefferson wants to “break the bank” in Minnesota

Other News

Justin Jefferson reveals if Vikings QB uncertainty will affect his decision

Would Justin Jefferson pass on signing a deal with the Vikings in the next few months if the franchise’s direction at quarterback remains uncertain?
“That’s a great question but I really don’t know at this very moment,” answered Justin Jefferson, who was asked that very question on NFL Network Thursday morning.
“I’ll really have to see if we really bring back Kirk or not, if we decide to want to draft or want to pick up a quarterback, all of that plays a part,” Jefferson said, elaborating on the issue.
“But also, I still managed to get 1,000 yards by playing through four different quarterbacks. It really doesn’t matter too much who’s throwing me that ball as long as someone’s throwing it to me. I feel like I’m confident and I have the ability to make plays no matter if the ball is 100% accurate or if it’s a little behind or a little in front or a little off. I’m always confident in my game, confident that I’m going to play the same no matter who’s going to throw me that ball. But of course having Kirk out there to be that leader and that captain and to throw that ball with accuracy – and precise as he does – it definitely is very valuable and useful being a receiver.”

Matthew Coller: Does Justin Jefferson complicate things for Vikings?

But there is a counter argument regarding Jefferson’s talent. If we look back at rookie quarterbacks who have had success right away, there is something pretty noticeable. CJ Stroud found a No. 1 receiver in Nico Collins, Brock Purdy had Deebo Samuel, Dak Prescott had Dez Bryant, Russell Wilson had Doug Baldwin and Golden Tate, Ben Roethlisberger had Hines Ward. Could Jefferson’s mere presence weigh the chances of success heavily in a rookie QB’s favor?
Everyone wants to win right away but it can’t be lost on Jefferson that the Vikings have zero playoff wins since he was drafted and they have been fighting the expensive QB contract fight every year along the way. It’s not a stretch to suggest the Vikings could have made the playoffs last year with a fully healthy Cousins but they were also 4-4 when he went down.
I suppose we have to address the idea of trading Jefferson and completely rebuilding from here around multiple first-round picks that he would be worth on the trade market. Outside of the Chiefs trading Tyreek Hill, it’s not clear that moving on from huge stars has been very beneficial to teams that have pulled the chute. Khalil Mack turned the Bears into an elite defense while the Raiders drafted themselves out of jobs. Denver sent Bradley Chubb packing. The Titans moved AJ Brown. Carolina traded Christian McCaffrey and so on. The league’s best teams are driven by stars and giving away a young one for hopes and draft capital dreams would be egregious. How many of those GMs who traded stars still have jobs, by the way?

Kirk Cousins take on free agency doesn’t sound encouraging for Vikings

He has said that while he would be open to returning, but he is not set on it.
“We hired agents, the team has their role — let’s just see what happens,” Cousins said.

ESPN’s Orlovsky: Vikings can’t afford both Cousins and Jefferson, should trade up in draft

Speaking on The Pat McAfee show Thursday, Orlovsky said about the Vikings situation: “I’ve said for a year now ‘What’s the No. 1 way to keep Justin?’ Like, that’s the only thing that matters. And that’s why I think, at some point, you’re going to have make a jump with quarterback, as good of a player as Kirk is.
“But you’re not going to be able to afford both Justin, at a high number, and Kirk Cousins at a number that he’s going to be able to command in free agency.”

Why Did Dwight Freeney Make the Hall of Fame Over Jared Allen?

One thing each NFL team must do in the offseason to prepare for 2024; Cowboys, Chiefs face critical decisions

Minnesota Vikings
Is the Kirk Cousins era over? With Cousins being an unrestricted free agent, are the Vikings willing to part ways with the 35-year-old quarterback after all the struggles they had when he was injured? Do the Vikings really want to be the Falcons, a franchise in constant search for a franchise quarterback? Do the Vikings even have enough money to pay Cousins ($24.7 million in camp space)? Minnesota could be in for a soft rebuild, which may be the road the Vikings have to take in 2024.

5 Trades That Would Turn 2024 NFL Draft Upside Down

Cincinnati Makes A Move for WR
Cincinnati Receives: No. 11 overall
Minnesota Receives: No. 18 overall, 2024 third-round pick (No. 82 overall), 2024 fifth-round pick (147 overall), 2025 fourth-round pick

Bears would need historic compensation to trade No. 1 overall pick in 2024 NFL Draft

2024 Super Bowl LVIII Predictions: MMQB Staff Picks for Chiefs-49ers

Michael Rosenberg
Kansas City Chiefs 30, San Francisco 49ers 13
MVP: Travis Kelce
Brock Purdy is a great story and a good quarterback, but if you look closely, you’ll see that he has dominated the league’s worst pass defenses and avoided most of the best ones. Purdy’s performance in the 49ers’ NFC championship comeback does not make him the next Joe Montana; it makes him a quarterback who faced the 2023 Detroit Lions.


Matt Verderame
Kansas City Chiefs 30, San Francisco 49ers 17
MVP: Patrick Mahomes
The 49ers were the better team throughout the season, but the Chiefs are the best team right now.
Meanwhile, Kansas City has one of the NFL’s best defenses, finishing second this season in both sacks and pressure rate. It also has a pair of All-Pro level corners in L’Jarius Sneed and Trent McDuffie, two guys who can play zone and man, blitz and tackle. The duo combined for 120 solo tackles, with 60 apiece. Combine the talent with coordinator Steve Spagnuolo’s scheme, and it adds up to a long day for Purdy and the San Francisco offense, which has gotten off to slow starts in each of its playoff games.

Shout to Krauser who was banging the table pretty hard for McDuffie in the 2022 draft (others were as well).

Yore Mock


This plan is ABSURD but worth taking a look

2024: $24,658,132 (53 players)
2025: $139,489,530

Trade Jefferson to Cardinals for 1.27, 2.35, 3.71, 7.225, 2025 3rd, 2026 4th

Cut Smith & Lowry
Sign QB Baker Mayfield 3 yr 81M
Sign WR Mike Evans - 3yr 70.5M
Sign RB Saquon Barkley - 3yr 36M
Sign DT DJ Reader 3 yr 48M
Sign EDGE Chase Young 3 yr 42M
Sign EDGE Anfernee Jennings 2 yr 9M
Sign LB Willie Gay - 2yr 8.5M
Sign S Alohi Gilman - 3yr 15M
Extend LG Risner - 3 yr 21M
Extend RT Brandel 1 yr 1.205M
Extend DT Tonga 1 yr 1.205M
Extend OC Schlottmann 1 yr 1.3M
Extend TE Mundt 1 yr 1.375M
Extend ERFA deals of Nick Muse, Theo Jackson, and TJ Smith
2024: $16,217,418 (64 players)
2025: $34,640,414 (33 players)


PICK: 11 RND: 1 Dallas Turner LB-EDGE Alabama 6’4” 242

Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan Photo by Ryan Kang/Getty Images

PICK: 27 RND: 1 Quinyon Mitchell CB Toledo 6’0” 196

NCAA Football: Mid-American Conference Football Championship-Miami (OH) at Toledo Lon Horwedel-USA TODAY Sports

PICK: 35 RND: 2 Jackson Powers-Johnson C Oregon 6’3” 320

NCAA Football: Oregon at Arizona State Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

PICK: 42 RND: 2 Keon Coleman WR Florida State 6’4” 215

NCAA Football: Southern Mississippi at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

PICK: 71 RND: 3 Kris Jenkins DL-EDGE Michigan 6’3” 305

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 11 Michigan at Penn State Photo by Joe Robbins/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

PICK: 108 RND: 4 Dominick Puni OT Kansas 6’5” 320

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 28 Oklahoma at Kansas Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

PICK: 129 RND: 4 Gabriel Murphy DL-EDGE UCLA 6’3” 260

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 25 Cal at UCLA Photo by Ric Tapia/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

PICK: 148 RND: 5 Nathaniel Watson LB Miss St 6’2” 240

Arkansas v Mississippi State Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

PICK: 160 RND: 5 Theo Johnson TE Penn St 6’6” 251

Penn State v Northwestern Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

PICK: 168 RND: 5 Tahj Washington WR USC 5’10” 180

DIRECTV Holiday Bowl - Louisville v USC Photo by Brandon Sloter/Getty Images

PICK: 179 RND: 6 Khristian Boyd DL Northern Iowa 6’4” 317

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: FEB 01 East-West Shrine Bowl Photo by Chris Leduc/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

PICK: 225 RND: 7 Qwan’Tez Stiggers CB Toronto Argonauts 6’0” 197

Hamilton Tiger-Cats v Toronto Argonauts Photo by John E. Sokolowski/Getty Images

PICK: 230 RND: 7 Cam Little K Arkansas 6’2” 179

Auburn v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

These 13 rookies will cost about 21M in cap space in 20225 which brings the cap space to about 13.5M for (46 players)

I know it is crazy to trade JJ but you would have Evans, Addison, Coleman, Nailor, and Washington plus the others already on the roster

You would have Mayfield, Mullens, and Hall at QB

The running backs would be Barkley, Chandler, Mattison, Nwangu, and Ham

The line would be intact with the two new additions of Powers-Johnson and Puni which could mean a trade of Bradbury saving 5M or so in cap space.

The defensive tackles would be Reader, Phillips, Roy, Tonga, Jenkins

The defensive ends/edge would be Young, Jennings, Turner, Murphy, Carter

The linebackers would be Pace, Gay, Asamoah, Watson, and others

The corners would be Murphy, Evans, Blackmon, Booth, Stiggers, Roberts, and others

The safeties would be Bynum, Metellus, Gilman, Jackson, Cine, and others

Of course it wont happen but a man can dream right?

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