How I would draft (don't laugh too hard!)

Every year numerous mock drafts are written. This post will focus not on specific players. Instead it will focus on player attributes that I would look for.


QB: average passer, average "legs", knows when to throw the ball away instead of into traffic (low INT's), rarely fumbles

RB: average size and speed, rarely fumbles, often makes the first tackler "miss" when in space.

TE: average size and pass catching ability, above average blocking ability, rarely fumbles

WR: Average size and pass catching ability, rarely fumbles

Tackles, Guards, Centers: above average blocking ability in run and pass protection


Secondary: Average size, Above average coverage ability, above average tackling skills, above average ability to shed blocks

LB's: As above

D-line: Average size, Above average tackling ability, above average ability to shed blocks.

Special teams:

Place Kicker: Consistent from inside the 40 (Virtually no inexplicable misses)

Punter: average hang time and distance (with virtually no shanks)

So, what we would have is a pretty "vanilla" team here, with no flashy superstars (no all world wide outs, QB's, RB's or Sack Masters) who go out and consistently do their jobs: Make blocks, shed blocks, make tackles, cover, throw and catch passes, run, and rarely give the ball away. A fundamentally sound team that may not always win... they would rarely disappoint though. And isn't disappointment what we fans have had to live with for decades??

Thank you for your kind attention. Enjoy your day!

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