Do You Think The Vikings Will Regret Not Hiring Jim Harbaugh As Head Coach ?

As we enter year 3 of the Kevin O' Connell era do you think the Vikings will regret not hiring Jim Harbaugh as head coach two years ago ? You can say many things about the Harbaugh brothers John and Jim but the one thing that clearly can't be disputed is their winning records.

John Harbaugh :

160 99 0 .618 12 10 .545

John has a .618 regular season winning percentage and .545 in the playoffs including a Super Bowl victory as well as 4 AFC Championship Game appearances.

Jim Harbaugh :

44 19 1 .695 5 3 .625

Jim has a .695 regular season winning percentage and a .625 in the playoffs , including 3 straight NFC Championship game appearances , as well as a Super Bowl appearance.

I feel that after 2 seasons of the Kevin O'Connell era that the Minnesota Vikings made a major mistake by not hiring Jim Harbaugh. He may have his own ways of doing things but the man just WINS. Look at the 15-0 Michigan season as well as his work with the SF 49'ers. It is outstanding. Jim Harbaugh exudes a great deal of confidence which I think is sorely lacking. I don't see that quality in Kevin O' Connell. Jim Harbaugh is really able to motivate his team and have them ready each and every week which is not the case with O' Connell. I really doubt if Kevin O'Connell will ever reach those heights that Jim Harbaugh has. And it's very sad to think we had him in the building interviewing thinking he had the job. To see the Los Angeles Chargers press conference with Jim Harbaugh putting on the Chargers hat , all I could think of was boy I wish that was the Vikings. What do you think ?

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