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Vikings & the NFL’s Coaching Carousel

In this episode of ‘Two Old Bloggers’, hosts Darren and Dave analyze NFL coaching changes, discuss T.J. Hockenson’s knee surgery, speculate on potential draft picks and free agent acquisitions, and examine the future of the Vikings’ offensive line. They also introduce a new segment, ‘Around the NFC North,’ for insights on recent NFC North developments. SKOL!

In this episode of Two Old Bloggers, hosts Darren Campbell and Dave Stefano discuss the recent coaching adjustments in the NFL, including the return of Brian Flores to the Minnesota Vikings. We also delve into the impact of T.J. Hockenson’s knee surgery on his 2024 season. We speculate about potential draft picks and free-agent acquisitions and discuss the future of the Vikings’ offensive line. The duo offers intriguing insights and analysis that keep listeners hooked from start to finish.

Episode Kickoff: A New Segment to Watch Out For

In their recent episode, ‘Two Old Bloggers’ hosts Darren Campbell and Dave Stefano introduced a fresh segment – ‘Around the NFC North.’ This new feature promises to offer a unique perspective on the latest developments within the NFC North, with a specific focus on how these changes might impact the Minnesota Vikings and their fans in the future.

Green Bay Packers: A New Defensive Era?

The first team under the spotlight is the Green Bay Packers. The hosts delve into the Packers’ recent decision to hire Jeff Halfley, the former head coach for Boston College, as their new defensive coordinator. Halfley’s appointment comes as a replacement for Joe Barry, whose tenure has been described as mediocre by the podcast hosts.

In their analysis, Darren and Dave explore Halfley’s credentials, discussing his previous position at Boston College and the potential implications of his switch to the NFL. They also speculate on the possible changes Halfley might bring to the Packers’ defensive strategies, and if his appointment could mark a new era of defensive prowess for the team.

Chicago Bears: Enhancing the Defense

The conversation then shifts to the Chicago Bears, with the hosts discussing the recent addition of Eric Washington to their ranks as defensive coordinator. Despite Matt Eberflus retaining the position of play-caller, the hosts express some concern about Washington’s potential influence on the Bears’ pass-rushing capabilities.

Drawing on his successful tenure with the Buffalo Bills, Darren and Dave highlight the fact that Washington was part of a high-performing Bills defense, despite suffering numerous key injuries. They also express some worry over the potential impact Washington could have on the Bears’ defense, which already boasts a strong track record in stopping the run and a promising young secondary.

Detroit Lions: Retaining a Key Figure

Wrapping up their analysis of the NFC North teams, the hosts turn their attention to the Detroit Lions. Here, the key point of discussion is the Lions’ successful retention of offensive coordinator Ben Johnson - a development that disappoints Darren and Dave due to Johnson’s successful track record with the Lions.

Both hosts delve into Johnson’s impact on the Lions, discussing how he has helped shape the team into a high-scoring offense. They also speculate on the potential challenges that Johnson’s continued presence in the NFC North could pose for the Vikings.

The Vikings: Brian Flores Remains

The conversation kicks off with an in-depth discussion about the recent upheavals in the NFL coaching landscape. Darren and Dave put the spotlight on how these changes echo within the Minnesota Vikings’ camp. They delve into the implications of these coaching shuffles, focusing on the return of defensive coordinator Brian Flores to the Vikings.

Despite rampant speculations of Flores being sidelined due to his ongoing discrimination lawsuit, the hosts unanimously agreed that his return is a massive boon for the Vikings. They elaborated on how his outstanding defensive strategies could be a game-changer for the team, potentially steering them towards a more successful season.

What Does the Future Hold for the Vikings’ Tight End Position?

As the conversation progressed, the duo shifted their focus on the current state of the Vikings’ tight end room. With T.J. Hockenson’s recent ACL surgery, Darren and Dave dissected the resulting void in the lineup. They explored potential strategies for the team, from picking up a veteran player to drafting a developmental tight end.

The idea was to supplement the team’s depth in that position, ensuring they have a robust lineup that can tackle the challenges of the upcoming season. They also highlighted the importance of ensuring continuity in the team, allowing the players to develop a more cohesive gameplay.

Gazing into the Crystal Ball: Predictions for the 2024 Season

The latter part of their conversation was dedicated to looking ahead at the 2024 season. They expressed optimism about the team’s potential defensive improvements under Flores. They hoped for a “kick-ass defense” that would make the Vikings a formidable contender in the league.

Moreover, they highlighted the potential gains for the Vikings, even if Flores eventually moves on to a head coaching role elsewhere. Thanks to the NFL’s rule about additional draft picks for teams losing coordinators to head coaching positions, the Vikings could stand to benefit even if they lost Flores.

Wrapping Up: The Potential of a Veteran Player Pickup

As they neared the end of their discussion, Darren and Dave pondered on the possibility of the Vikings picking up a veteran player to fill Hockenson’s shoes in the short term. They acknowledged the financial constraints the team faces and agreed that a “bargain bin” approach might be a practical solution.

Revisiting the Season: An Overview of the Offensive Line’s Performance

The episode kicks off with Darren and Dave taking listeners on a trip down memory lane, revisiting the past season and scrutinizing the performance of the offensive line. They highlight how the line showed promising signs of improvement in the early part of the season, drawing upon various statistics and player rankings to support their points.

However, they don’t shy away from shedding light on the less stellar moments, particularly the slump in performance seen towards the end of the season. Despite the early promise, the offensive line’s performance tailed off, particularly in the running game, which was once a strength for the team.

The Standout Performers: Commending Progress and Potential

Switching gears from the overall team performance, Darren and Dave then delve into the performance of individual players. They reserve high praise for Christian Darrisaw and Brian O’Neill, who ranked impressively at 7th and 24th, respectively, among 84 tackles in the league. The hosts argue for an extension to Darrisaw’s contract, expressing confidence in his potential to become a standout player in the future.

They also discuss the progress of Ed Ingram, emphasizing his noticeable improvement over the past year. Despite criticism from some quarters, the hosts commend Garrett Bradbury for his steady progression. Although still an average player, Bradbury has shown the potential and willingness to improve.

Areas for Improvement: Strengthening the Interior

While celebrating the standout performers, the hosts also focus on the areas that need improvement. They express concern over the need for a stronger interior, particularly in the guard position. They propose that the Vikings should consider bringing in veteran players to compete for the position, thereby ensuring the best player emerges as a starter.

In this regard, they discuss the potential of Jonah Jackson from the Detroit Lions. Considering his young age, good pass-blocking skills, and mauling run-blocking capacity, they are optimistic about his potential contribution to the Vikings’ offensive line.

Looking Ahead: Future Prospects and Potential Improvements

As the episode wraps up, Darren and Dave focus on the future. They stress the necessity of maintaining a strong reserve of players, citing the example of Blake Brandl, who they believe should be re-signed due to his consistent performance and experience.

They also suggest that the Vikings might look to the draft for a developmental tackle, similar to their acquisition of Vidarian Low in 2022. They ponder over potential free agency options and discuss the possibility of the Vikings targeting John Runyon from the Green Bay Packers or Jonah Jackson from the Detroit Lions.

In conclusion, the Two Old Bloggers wrap up the episode on a hopeful note. They express their optimism for the coming season, emphasizing that with the right moves in the off-season, the Vikings’ offensive line could become a formidable force.

They concluded their discussion by reflecting on the team’s current situation and prospects. Despite the challenges, their optimism for the Vikings’ future shone through, making the “Two Old Bloggers” podcast an engaging and thought-provoking listen for any die-hard Vikings fans.

Continuing to offer their signature blend of laid-back conversation and insightful analysis, Darren and Dave promise to keep dissecting the ins and outs of the Vikings and the NFL world in upcoming episodes. So, stay tuned for more engrossing discussions in the world of football!



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