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Vikings Pro-Bowl Games Roundup

Let’s see Danielle Hunter, C.J. Ham, and Andrew DePaola have some fun

NFL: Pro Bowl Media & Practice Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

In the lead up to Super Bowl LVIII, sunny Las Vegas hosted the annual Pro Bowl Games and three of your Minnesota Vikings were there to represent the team and make sure the purple and gold was on display.

EDGE Danielle Hunter, Long Snapper Andrew DePaola, and FB C.J. Ham all look like they had a ball competing in the weekend’s festivities.

DePaola started things off by coming up big in the “Snap Shots” event by carrying a team of himself, Philadelphia’s Jason Kielce, and New Orleans’ Erik McCoy. DePaola scored 9 points by focusing on the 1 point slot and draining buckets.

Meanwhile, Hunter had some work to do in the AFC/NFC Tug of War. It’s pretty insane that the announcing crew focused so heavily on Aidan Hutchinson - Hunter is clearly a stronger dude.

After Hunter and Ham crushed some dodgeball, all three played small parts but ultimately helped power the NFC to a 64-59 win in the weekend’s main event, the flag football game.

While the days of an actual Pro Bowl football game appear to be in the rearview for good, it’s interesting to see the skills of some of the best athletes on earth tested in creative, fun, and relatable ways.

Looks like Vegas did a great job hosting the festivities and all the players had fun. The best thing about the Pro Bowl Games though is watching all these guys joke around and laugh together like they didn’t want to tear each other’s heads off just over a month ago.

Yeah, the NFL can definitely earn it’s mock moniker of being the ‘No Fun League’ sometimes, but just take a look at CJ’s smile and tell me he’s not having the time of his life. That’s really what it’s all about.