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Viking Hot Takes: Reiff, Hughes, Draft Crushes, and Hot Seats

Flip and Eric discuss the futures of Riley Reiff, Mike Hughes, and Mike Zimmer along with some draft and free agency talk.

Flipmazzi and combined Climbing The Pocket and Daily Norseman forces once again Thursday night for the latest episode of Viking Hot Takes, with our usual help from producer extraordinaire David Stefano (aka @Luft_Krigare, aka brand new grandpa for the second time). For those unfamiliar with the relatively new show, we put 20 minutes on the clock and fire through three questions each about any current events surrounding the Vikings. Here is what we covered this week:

Flip asks

  1. Keep or Cut: Riley Reiff
  2. Let’s talk about Mike Hughes. Has he played well enough when healthy?
  3. Rank the top 3 teams in the NFC for 2021. How do the Vikings compare?

Eric asks

  1. Which realistic free agent signing would help the Vikings the most this offseason?
  2. Who is your single favorite “draft crush” for the Vikings at the 14th overall pick?
  3. How many wins will it take for Mike Zimmer to keep his job in 2021? (Remember, there might be 17 games)

As usual, we saw eye to eye on some of the topics, but had some very differing opinions on others. (Especially when it came to Keelan Cole and using the term “draft crush.”)

You can watch the show in its entirety below. It’s a quick 20-minute watch and/or listen, and includes live viewer reactions. Be on the lookout for more information about future shows by following along with Flip, Climbing the Pocket, and me on Twitter.