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Arif's Blind NFL Power Rankings

This is where we place the "Blind Power Rankings" that Arif Hasan puts together each week.

Blind Power Rankings Week 11: Projecting Wins

As the season hits the final stretch, we can take our first stab at projecting win totals as well as finally seeing some cohesion among the different types of rankings. We also look at passer identity to see who truly is the most pass-happy team in t

Blind Power Rankings Week 10: SOS and Avg MOV

Another week in the books! We look towards other teams to see what wins in the NFL and other ways to account for statistical troubles.

Blind Power Rankings: Wk 9+Drive Stats and Avg MOV

Even the top of the NFL sometimes find themselves struggling—there's significant movement. I find a way to make the rankings incredibly more robust when we discuss drive statistics. I also found a slightly less discouraging way to rank the Vikings

Blind Power Rankings: Week 8 and Average MOV

Week 8 Power Rankings are out! There's more to focus on than the Vikings, although they did drop precipitously after one performance. Also introducing: average margin of victory!

Blind Power Rankings: Week 7, Plus NCAA Idiocy

Going into Week 7, there was a lot more change that one usually expects as the NFL nears the middle of the season. I also found out that data-based power rankings work best in homogeneous and closed systems, because I tried applying it to college foo

Blind Power Rankings, Week 6

Another week of games is another week of information we can add to our blind power rankings. This early in the season, there's still significant change between the ranks, but the picture of the season is gelling together

3 Blind Dice: Power Rankings

As we hit the bye week, the league picture is finally forming, and fans (and analysts) finally can get a read on the quality in the NFL—even if they know things will change.