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Captain of the Tailgate


Captain Of The Tailgate: Baby, It's Cold Outside

The Daily Norseman continues with their Captain of the Tailgate Series, sponsored by Captain Morgan. Today's post is about how to go about tailgating in the cold Minnesota weather.

Captain Of The Tailgate: My Tailgating Playlist

A tailgate just isn't the same without great music, and I've got a list of 12 songs you need to have at your party.

Captain Of The Tailgate: So Where Can We Tailgate At Vikings Games, Anyway?

Our tailgating series continues. . .in this installment, we show you exactly where you can tailgate at Vikings home games.

Captain Of The Tailgate: Watch Your Cornhole, Man!

Another tailgating post from the folks at The Daily Norseman, this one detailing how you can put together your own set-up for the traditional tailgating game known as Cornhole.

Captain Of The Tailgate: Vikings Were The Original Tailgaters

Over the next few weeks, The Daily Norseman and the other SBNation football sites will be doing a series of posts dedicated to the art of tailgating.