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Climbing The Pocket Mondays

Climbing The Pocket Mondays

Comeback King - Kirk Cousins

Tyler dives into the Kirk Cousins’ win over the Detroit Lions, the god, the bad, and the Kirk. Then he starts the discussion on what to expect in the upcoming game in London versus the Saints. ...And much more on The Real Forno Show . SKOL!

‘Checkdown’ Kirk vs Eagles?

Air Dominance - The New Vikings Era

Kevin O’Connell schemed to get Justin Jefferson the ball and it paid off big time! The Vikings demolished the Packers and had Aaron Rodgers furious. Can anyone guard Jefferson? Join Tyler Forness breaking it all down at the new time of 6 pm central tonight. ...And much more on The Real Forno Show . SKOL!

Can the Vikings Win Week 1?

Tyler Forness and Producer Dave will ask the question can the Vikings win week 1? They’ll be having fun looking at all that led up to the first Packers week of the season. Then looking ahead to them coming to US Bank. Who will start 0-1, and why do they wear green and gold uniforms? ...And much more on The Real Forno Show . SKOL!

Tyler’s Vikings Projected 53

From the transactions made by the Vikings on Monday to projecting the final 53, Tyler breaks down the direction the Vikings are going. ...And much more on The Real Forno Show . SKOL!

Play Bad, Get Replaced: Vikings Trade For Nick Mullens

The Vikings get a new capable backup quarterback when they traded for Nick Mullens. Many of the rookies have shined so far this preseason and Tyler has favorites. T.Y. McGill has been dominant and should be Mr. Mankato, but doesn’t qualify. ...And much more on The Real Forno Show. SKOL!

Winners & Losers

Tyler Forness of The Real Forno Show, dives into some of the play from the Vikings vs Raiders game. He looks at players who played well like Brian Asamoah and some that didn’t. Join us to find out more. SKOL!

Mond & Bradbury Disappoint

Are all things well in Egan with the Vikings? Tyler & Dave of the Real Forno Show discusses it. What do you think Climbing The Pocket & Daily Norseman fans? Can enough improvement be made by week 1 of the NFL season?

Strategic Vulnerability Or Interest Generator?

On this Real Forno Show, Tyler questions the Vikings' message to fans to not film practice. Was it the right thing to do? Do you excite the fan base that way? Then onto what else has been happening in camp. SKOL!

Writing Their Story: The 2022 Vikings

Vikings training camp has started with the rookies and some vets reporting already. There are plenty of stories to tell but even more to be written by the team as it heads into the 2022 season full of hope and anticipation. Tyler is here to share them with you. SKOL!

Intriguing Things Ahead of Vikings Training Camp

Tyler looks at Minnesota Vikings training camp battles that we can expect to see, right after discussing Ben Leber’s opinion of Mike Zimmer, and does it matter? SKOL!

Lines, Props, & Questions

Tyler is talking Vikings betting lines, props, & taking your questions. Plus, his big announcement to get you great content. SKOL!

Vikings Starting 22

All-time #Vikings greats. There are so many to choose from. Who will make the cut and who won’t? Who are you going to disagree with? Then, two months out from the opening day, who will be this year’s starting 22? All on the Real Forno Show from Climbing The Pocket tonight!

Jeff George & the ’99 Vikings

Randall Cunningham was magic in ‘98, but not so in ‘99, so after going down to the Lions in week six, Dennis Green inserts Jeff George to save the season. ...And he did! SKOL!

Missed Opportunities: MVPercy

Percy Harvin was on his way to being a league MVP in 2012 and Tyler shares with you his memories of why in this Real Forno Show. Grab your beverage and listen as he and Dave along with the viewers reminisce on how dynamic Percy actually was. SKOL!

Hot Seat in 1997 with Judd

In 1997, Dennis Green is on a self-inflicted hot seat. He must win the Wildcard game to keep his job. The Giants were dominating for most of the game, but in the biggest playoff comeback in Minnesota Vikings history, it changed the course of the team and the NFL. Tyler and Judd Zulgad explain why. SKOL!

Cousins Greater Than Culpepper & Tarkenton - Really?

Tyler takes on the new math of 8>10 & 8>11. How do we compare different eras in Vikings football? First, a look at the remaining draft picks looking for production. Skol!

Make a Difference | The Real Forno Show

Tyler dives into the Vikings’ third and fourth-round draft picks of linebacker Brian Asamoah, and cornerback Akayleb Evans. Dave was wondering if both these players could make a difference? There is a lot of competition for both positions. Did you like the selections?

Expected to Start | The Real Forno Show

Tyler dives into the Vikings’ second-round draftees of cornerback Andrew Booth Jr., and guard Ed Ingram. Dave asks if both these players will be expected to start? There is a lot of competition, especially at the guard spot. Did you like the selections?

New On The Cine | The Real Forno Show

Tyler Forness of NBC Edge and Climbing The Pocket starts to analyze what we learned from Kwesi Adofo-Mensah’s first draft and how he optimized value. Then took a look at Lewis Cine and some of his extraordinary skills. Did you like the selection?

Draft Prep Part 4 with Pro Football Network’s Ian Cummings | The Real Forno Show

Ian Cummings of Pro Football Network joins Tyler to talk about the draft and team strategies, including your Minnesota Vikings. Then we mock! SKOL!

Draft Prep Part 3 with Blue Chip Scouting’s Devin & Mike | The Real Forno Show

On this Real Forno Show, Mike Hrynyshyn and Devin Jackson of Blue Chip Scouting join Tyler to talk about small school players and sleepers that you need to be aware of. This is part 3 of the 4 part series in your draft prep leading up to the NFL Draft.

Draft Prep Part 2 with NBC Edge’s Thor Nystrom | The Real Forno Show

Two workmates get together and argue what’s better, a p*ss missile or a bazooka? Howitzer is the correct answer. Then which QBs have one? Thor Nystrom from NBC Sports Edge joins Tyler Forness for part 2 of your draft prep.

Draft Prep Part 1 with Yahoo’s Eric Edholm | The Real Forno Show

Draft prep part 1 with Tyler Forness and guest Eric Edholm, SKOL searching for Vikings edge prospects. Join this Climbing The Pocket & Daily Norseman production powered by Lake Monster Brewing and you. We will mock too! Who’s your choice?

Corners & Wide Receivers | The Real Forno Show

Monday nights are changing, as it is now becoming The Real Forno Show! Join Tyler and Dave as they break down corners and wide receivers, talk about the Jesse Davis signing, and do a mock draft with you. Join us on our maiden voyage.

Could the Vikings Draft a Wide Receiver In Round One? | Mock Draft Mondays

Tyler takes the chance in this episode to build around the extension of Cousins to improve the offense. The idea is to maximize the offense in lieu of the slow rebuild on the defensive side of the ball. We know there are a lot of holes. We will address different strategies as the weeks tick down closer to the draft. This was just one.

The First Domino Falls | Mock Draft Mondays

This is going to be a wild show with the latest updates and cryptic tweets. Tyler was on point earlier today, Deshawn will bring his rainbows and glitter, & me, well.. the Vikings drive me to drink for a reason. Join us at Climbing The Pocket as we drop Depth Charges.

The BIG Combine Recap | Mock Draft Mondays

Tyler and Deshawn recap what they saw in the NFL Combine and focused on players that did well, and some that didn’t. Plus, we finally mock again. Check out the results! Turning your Mondays Purple! Join us! SKOL!

The NFL Combine | Mock Draft Mondays

Tyler and Producer Dave look at two players from each position who can raise their draft stock at the NFL Combine, and would they be a fit for your Minnesota Vikings. Turning your Mondays Purple! Join us! SKOL!

Vikings’ Salary Cap Implications | Mock Draft Mondays

Deshawn Vaughan wanted to talk about the Minnesota Vikings salary cap, how to get under it, and how it will affect the draft. Turning your Mondays Purple! Join us! SKOL!

Super Bowl Takeaways | Mock Draft Mondays

Tyler Forness of NBC Edge and Climbing The Pocket led the conversation about what takeaways from the Super Bowl your Minnesota Vikings might take. Join us! SKOL!

The Senior Bowl | Mock Draft Mondays

Tyler Forness of NBC Edge and Climbing The Pocket is back from Mobile Alabama and the Senior Bowl leading the conversation. He has his observations of players the Vikings might want to draft. We will then keep those in mind for the mock draft v3. Join us! SKOL!

Mock Draft Mondays - Drafting Clues

Deshawn takes the helm as we look for clues as to how Kwesi Adofo-Mensah will draft, check-in on the head coaching search, and have mock draft v2 with you. Join us! SKOL!

Mock Draft Mondays - Divisional Round Draft Strategies

CTP Mondays morphs to Mock Draft Mondays with Tyler Forness, Deshawn Vaughan, and Dave in this Daily Norseman and Climbing The Pocket production. Divisional round draft strategies for your Vikings with mock v1, and OT rules? Join us! SKOL!

Vikings Daily SITREP - Wilf Decisions

Producer Dave, in this Climbing The Pocket’s & Daily Norseman’s production, discusses the decisions faced by Zygi & Mark Wilf over the future of the #Vikings. What would your choices be? #SKOL!

CTP Mondays - Change and Team Needs

Tyler and Dave talk about the Vikings loss briefly and then get into what holes will need to be filled for the 2022 squad. This is what the team needs in other words. They discussed some prospective coaches and coach philosophies on how to assemble a team and briefly touched on the draft. Tyler and Dave were turning your Monday, Purple.


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