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Climbing the Pocket Postgame

Climbing the Pocket Postgame

Vikings vs Cardinals - CTP’s: The Final Score

The Vikings go down in a close game to the Arizona Cardinals, losing 34-33.

Vikings vs Bengals - CTP’s: The Final Score

The penalties, false starts, and holdings, prove prophetic with the Minnesota Vikings in their first loss of the season, in their first game, against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Vikings vs Chiefs - CTP’s: The Final Score

The preseason is in the books with the Vikings losing to the Chiefs. Dave had to go off-script, and after a false start like the Vikings, and had to rely on the fans to get everything going.

Vikings vs Colts - CTP’s: The Final Score

Preseason week 2 is in the books with Vikings losing to the Colts 12-10. Though there were some improvements, there were deficiencies and disjointed play. Deshawn and Dave break it all down.