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Community Corner

This is where we put all the stuff like our contests and our other community building postings.

Which Jersey Would You Exchange?

If you could trade in one of your Vikings' jerseys for a different one, which one would you part with?

Your Most Unique Piece Of Vikings Memorabilia

We've all got our favorite bits and trinkets that represent our favorite team. What's yours?

What's Your Interest In Other Sports?

We know that you're here because you're a fan of the Minnesota Vikings. But what other sports are you into?

If You Couldn't Be A Viking Fan. . .

We all know that we're here because we're fans of the Minnesota Vikings. But if you had to pick another team, who would it be?

What's Your Game Day Ritual?

Hardcore NFL fans are known to be a bit. . .quirky. What do you do on game days?

Which Viking Would Make The Best Coach?

Adam Schefter posed the question on Twitter and Facebook earlier today, so we're going to ask it of all of you.

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What Made You A Vikings Fan?

Reader JeffroTheVike has asked you the question. . .so give him your answer!

What Is Your Franchise Changing Moment In Time?

The Vikings franchise has been called 'cursed' by many, even the fans--especially the fans. If you could un-do one moment in team history, what would it be?

What's The Story Behind Your Screen Name?

In the interest of continuing to build a more connected community, we pose this question to all of you readers out there.