Another look at AP's season


Just joined the site but wanted to post this on a page where people would more appreciate it than BGN. Leave some feedback or email!

East West Shrine Bowl Coverage


Great coverage of the players from the East/West Shrine Bowl.

Bad Lip Reading does the NFL (featuring AP)


Bad Lip Reading does the NFL (featuring AP)

Players tag AD for MVP and cbpoy


There you have it a jury of his peers voted for him. That pretty much sums it up for me.

Vikings Season in Review


Check out the season recap I put up on my Trumpethustra blog.

Why the read option may have been shut down


If GB loses to SF 49ers, some credit may be due to Vikings minimizing use of the read-option and not tipping our hand very much (more helpful favor to SF than GB). This SI article was rather insightful with diagrams and play analysis. If GB wins on the road, we could be very well looking at a GB vs Seahawks rematch and a GB vs Patriots/Denver Super Bowl. It'll be worth reflecting back on this post after the game is over btw GB & SF to answer one very simple question: Could the read-option via mobile QB have been the best chance of Vikings defeating GB? If yes, it could be your beloved Vikings challenging the Falcons in a playoff rematch indoors (favorable to adrian), setting up a NFC Championship game against SF or Seahawks. Damn. Just imagine the possibilities of a SB trip could have been possible this year. Vikings threw it away on purpose by jamming Webb into the pocket pass game plan and turning us into a one dimensional offense GB had no fear of.

Adrian Peterson calls teen with cancer.


Purple Jesus took time to respond to a twitter campaign's request, calling the 17 year old on the phone to speak with him.

Percy to stay with Vikes


the guys over at FFtoolbox are sayin' that frazier expects Percy to stay a Vike....yay