Kalil another rookie Pro-bowler


so now only Harrison and Sullivan need to be sent to Honolulu.

Jared Allen is our backup QB?!?


Guy has an unorthodox throwing motion.

Chris Kluwe to publish his first book this summer!


The link in the title takes you to a page where you can order an autographed book plate for Kluwe's first book, BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE SPARKLEPONIES. It's a collection of essays and musings about whatever is on his mind. You can pre-order it already on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Another look at AP's season


Just joined the site but wanted to post this on a page where people would more appreciate it than BGN. Leave some feedback or email!

East West Shrine Bowl Coverage


Great coverage of the players from the East/West Shrine Bowl.

Bad Lip Reading does the NFL (featuring AP)


Bad Lip Reading does the NFL (featuring AP)

Players tag AD for MVP and cbpoy


There you have it a jury of his peers voted for him. That pretty much sums it up for me.