Packers favored this week


The Packers opened as 2 point favorites this week despite Rogers being hurt and them needing a historic 4th quarter comeback to beat the Bears in week 1. The line will likely move since most of the public will probably bet the Vikings, but I still find it curious that we opened as dogs in this one. Thoughts?

Packers tie cart to single horse


Aaron is quite the horse but I suspect this will bite them far worse than the Cousins deal will bite the Vikings.

Vikings O-Line is better than you think


Analysis of the Vikings offensive line, including what went well last year, what did not go well last year, and what differences there will be this year. Includes discussion of the return of Dalvin Cook, Berger retirement, Remmers to guard, the new shiny center, and much more! (for the record this is not my OC, I found the link on Reddit but thought it was a good read and had not seen it here. I know we desperately need MORE talk about the OLine...)

Sheldon Richardson Changing his Game


Not sure if this has been shared, but definitely a cool read.

Ted on PurpleFTW!


Andy Carlson is a guy many of you know and follow on the Vikings Twitterverse. He's a man of many podcasts, to include two Vikings and NFL related ones. He was gracious enough to have me on his longest running gig, PurpleFTW. The whole show is great, but my segment starts about 6:45 if you're interested.

Kyle Rudolf


Nice interview by Rich Eisen with Kyle Rudolf. I've been luke warm on Rudolf as a player but he represents himself and the team incredibly well. Respect.

Your #17 Wright jerseys are still good (and other new player numbers)


I have to Wright something down here to post the fanshot.

Inside story about Trevor Siemian and how he ended up here


SI had a really interesting look behind the scenes at Siemian and the trade that landed him in his fiancée’s home state.

The Unclutch QB story: Kirk Cousins


Over 57 starts Kirk Cousins has defeated four (4) teams over .500. Check out the article for interesting splits by DVOA