Nine years ago today. Never forget. . .never again.


Nine years ago today. Never forget. . .never again.

Sullivan Expected to Start at Center


To quote Futurama's Dr. Farnsworth, GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! Sullivan has missed most of training camp with a calf injury, but it sounds like he'll start tonight against the Saints. The offensive line needs to perform well tonight, and having Sullivan in the lineup is a big step towards that goal. Under ten hours to go!!

The 2010 Vikings season is all about AP


Article discussing how the play of Adrian Peterson is far more important to the Vikings chances in 2010, than that of the walking three ring circus known as Brett Favre.

Who doesnt like the idea of more WRs


Here's a thought: Fitzgerald unhappy with Cardinals poor early record and comes home to play with vikings. Possible? How about Moss? Though it may never happen it sure is fun to think about another triple threat season. (Rice, Larry, Moss, fill in the blank) Sigh. How about finding some top notch secondary help, or better yet, a new OL before trade deadline

"Minnesota DC Frazier refuses to rule out CB Cedric Griffin for Saints game. Could happen. Right...


"Minnesota DC Frazier refuses to rule out CB Cedric Griffin for Saints game. Could happen. Right now, #Vikings have 3 healthy CBs."'s Kevin Seifert, via the magic of Twitter. Hey, if Frazier thinks he's ready, then get him out there. Man. . .who thought eight months ago that, come opening night, there was a chance that both Cedric Griffin and E.J. Henderson would be on the football field?

Ravens sign Houshmandzadeh


Yay, we don't have to talk about that anymore. In related news that nobody will care about, my fantasy selection of Joe Flacco is looking better and better.

Saints adjusting to new starters on defense


Malcolm Jenkins replaces Darren Sharper (free safety). Alex Brown is the new defensive end. Jo-Lonn Dunbar replaces Scott Fujita (strongside linebacker). Middle linebacker Jonathan Vilma hurt his groin a few weeks ago, but should be back for the game.

Oh, goody. . .something else for there to be manufactured outrage over.


Oh, goody. . .something else for there to be manufactured outrage over.