Walsh cleared waivers; now a free agent


I don't think he'll be picked up by anyone this year, but in the offseason I'm sure he'll get a chance to compete with someone.

Of course there's already a Blair Walsh parody song (and it's actually good)


The Vikings' relationship with Blair Walsh was an emotional roller coaster. It had all the initial love, then confusing disappointment, then inevitable heartbreak of a Taylor Swift relationship. So naturally Kari Wahlen, longtime Vikings fan and song parody specialist, chose a Taylor Swift song as the inspiration for her latest song.

Wahlen's song, set to the tune of Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together", perfectly captures all of the ups and downs we endured as Vikings fans during Walsh's tenure as kicker. It's a lot like the song parodies I start my weekly previews with from time to time, except it's actually good and Kari actually has musical talent. Enjoy!

Eric on the Purple FTW! Podcast

Andy Carlson of 1500 ESPN, Purple FTW, Andy Luke and Arif Football Machine, and roughly 47 other podcasts fame was kind enough to invite me to the Blue Door Pub in Minneapolis to have a burger, a couple beers, and a little chat about the reeling Minnesota Vikings.

We discussed the dismissal of Blair Walsh, the dire straits of the offensive line and running game, and how much blame we should be placing on usually unassailable people like Mike Zimmer and Anthony Barr, among many other subjects. Click the link and give it a listen!

Vikings release Blair Walsh


I thought they would ride it out with him for the season. Just to unpredictable.

Vikings cut Blair Walsh!


I'm really surprised because of the cap hit. I thought it was cheaper to keep him and sign someone else.

Ted on the ATL Podcast


BJ Reidell and Drew Mahowald of NFC North Barroom had me on their ATL Podcast yesterday, talking the NORV! resignation and the Lions game.

Harrison Smith and a break down of how great this Vikings defense really is


After a 2 game slide and the news of Norv!'s resignation, a little reminder of how great this team still is, is in order. If this was posted in the past, I couldn't find it, so here we go :)