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Fantasy Football

Pro Football Focus rates Latavius Murray’s departure one of the most significant fantasy football moves

For the effect it will have for the Vikings

Fantasy Football: Where are Minnesota Vikings players being ranked?

We take a look at what ESPN has to say

ESPN not expecting much from Alexander Mattison in 2019

At least, not in fantasy football terms

Is Kyle Rudolph a reliable fantasy starter?

Rudolph might not even be worth his salary

Featured Fanshot

Daily Norseman on Weekend Fantasy Update Program

I was a guest on the Weekend Fantasy Update Show with Michael Florio and Matt Modica. We discussed the Vikings running back situation, receivers, tight ends, and the offensive line. And with less than a minute left, they asked me about Teddy vs. Sam. I thought I was gonna escape, lol.

Your Daily Norseman Fantasy Football League Entrants

2016 Daily Norseman Fantasy League Sign-Up Thread

ESPN Is Finally Back To Normal

After a couple of slip-ups that saw the four-letter praise the Minnesota Vikings, balance has finally been restored.

Full-Season Fantasy vs. Daily Fantasy Sports

Ingenuity has given us two different formats of fantasy football to choose from today. Which one do you prefer?

Fantasy Football: Most Important Position?

The National Football League appears to be moving more towards the pass and away from the run. Is that same shift happening in the world of fantasy football?

How Did Your Fantasy Football Seasons Go?

Fantasy football season is, officially, in the books. How did your teams fare this season?

FanDuel Week 17: Trying To Finish Strong

It's the final week of the regular season, and your last regular season chance to cash in with FanDuel.

FanDuel Week 16: Surviving the Holiday Hangover

No long weekends in the world of Daily Fantasy Sports, folks.

FanDuel Week 15: The Vikings Are Back

You can add members of the Minnesota Vikings to your Daily Fantasy Sports lineup this week. Are any of them a good value?

Frigga Fantasy Football: Week 15 vs CHI

The Daily Norseman breaks down the statistical production of the Vikings as they take on the Bears in week fifteen.

FanDuel Week 14: A Viking-Free Sunday

With the Minnesota Vikings' contest for Week 14 already in the books, how will your Daily Fantasy Sports lineups change?

FanDuel Week 13: Who Are Your Plays For This Week?

Another week with FanDuel fantasy football, folks. Who are you rolling with in Week 13?

FanDuel Week 12: Digging Through The Leftovers

We've already gotten some NFL action in this week, but there's plenty left to go for this Thanksgiving weekend.

FanDuel Week 11: What's Your Plan For This Week?

It's another week, and another opportunity to win money with FanDuel!

Get Out The Handcuffs: Fortifying The RB Position

The Fantasy Football playoff race is heating up and trade deadlines are passing so it's time to get resourceful to fortify and protect the starting spots on your rosters. A great way to do that is by acquiring "handcuffs" at the RB position.

FanDuel Week 10: Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad

For the second time in three weeks, yours truly got into the money on FanDuel. How are you doing so far?

FanDuel Week 9: Halfway Through the Year

We're halfway through the season, folks. How has Daily Fantasy Sports treated you this season?

FanDuel Week 8: Cha-Ching!

Someone finally made the money on FanDuel last week. Hooray! Now. . .let's see if he can do it again.

Frigga Fantasy Football Friday: Week 8 vs CHI

The Daily Norseman breaks down the statistical production of the Vikings as they take on the Bears in week eight.

FanDuel Week 7: Still No Success

Still not getting anywhere in the world of daily fantasy sports. So, where are we looking this weekend?

FF Foray: The New Adventures Of Old Christine

Sit/Starts, Sneaky Snags and Christine Michael finally getting his shot?

FanDuel Week 6: Getting Back At It

After taking a week off from FanDuel, we're getting back at it again this week.

Frigga Fantasy Football Friday: Week 6 vs KC

The Daily Norseman breaks down the statistical production of the Vikings as they take on the Chargers in week six.

Fantasy Football and Gambling

Is playing fantasy football for money a form of gambling? Should Daily Fantasy Sports be outlawed?

FanDuel Week 5: Talking About Strategy

With the Minnesota Vikings on a bye this week, it's time to look at strategy for selecting your weekly fantasy football lineups.

Week 5 Fantasy Football Foray: Aerial Eagles?

Sit/start suggestions, some risk/reward desperation plays and some sneaky advice for your Week 5 Fantasy Football lineups.

FanDuel Week 4: Where We're Looking This Week

Another week, another opportunity to win money with FanDuel, folks. Are you in?

Week 4 Fantasy Football Foray: Take It To The Maxx

Come get some sit/start suggestions, sneaky pickup advice and find out if any Vikings are worth starting on your Fantasy team this week.

FanDuel Week 3: Try, Try Again

We're back at it with FanDuel, ladies and gentlemen. Who are we rolling with this week? Which direction are Vikings' players trending? Find out here!

FanDuel Week 2: Trying To Bounce Back

Couldn't break into the money in the first week of FanDuel play for 2015. But, the beauty of FanDuel is that you can get right back in the next week and try again!

FanDuel Week 1: Getting Into The Game

It's time for the 2015 NFL season to really get underway, folks, and what better way than with weekly fantasy football!?