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Guess Which Team Is Retiring Jersey #4? Hint: Not The Minnesota Vikings...

It's a Brett Favre story. Yay? Yay!

....Well, Vikings Decide To Turn To Familiar Source For ‘Stop Gap Vet’ At QB.

The Vikings have found their answer at quarterback. . .and it's going to sound awfully familiar.

Ow, My Arm! Favre Has Strange Elbow Injury

The Vikings have a lot to worry about after an 0-2 start. Now it appears that Brett Favre has a mysterious elbow injury.

The Favre and I: A Tale of Two Marriages

Daily Norseman writer Eric is getting married this weekend, and he's glad the Minnesota/Favre marriage is heading towards year two.

Brett Favre Press Conference Open Thread

Brett Favre is having a press conference at 1:30 PM Central. Discuss it here!

So, What Have We Learned From Favregeddon?

Brett Favre made the media and lots of opposing fans look dumb on Tuesday. Wasn't it great?

Former President Roosevelt Speaks About Today's Events

Channeling my inner FDR on the Favre story

Childress, Vikings Claim Ignorance of Favre Decision

If Favre is retiring, Vikings head coach Brad Childress doesn't know about it yet.

Pondering the Ultimate "What If..."

Looking at what happens if Brett Favre doesn't come back for 2010.

Favre to Lewis TD Wins Best Play ESPY

Brett Favre's thrilling Week 3 touchdown pass to Greg Lewis took home the Best Play ESPY last night. He also presented the Arthur Ashe Courage Award and was typically vague about his intentions for the upcoming season.

Favre vs. LeBron: Tale of the Hate

LeBron switching teams and stabbing the city of Cleveland fans in the heart last night got us at the Daily Norseman thinking: how does it compare to Brett Favre slapping Green Bay in the face and joining the Vikings last year? Time for a Tale of the Hate!

Favre Fade Fallacy Finally Found False

December fade for Favre, you say? Sorry. . .but I'm not seeing it.

Favre's Nephew Leads St. Stanislaus to Mississippi 4A Title

A Favre quarterbacked his team to a championship today. Yeah, if you've looked at the title, it's not the one you think it is.

As the Media Turns

Media hypocrisy rears its ugly head again with the coverage of the Brett Favre signing.

About That Rotator Cuff...

Should Vikings fans be concerned about Brett Favre's rotator cuff tear? We think it's a valid question mark heading into the season, but perhaps fears about it are overblown...

Brett Favre: 'Jokester' and 'Prankster'

How will Brett Favre fit in with the rest of the Vikings locker room? Well, after a rocky season in New York, we think it's clear that Favre's in a much better situation in Minnesota.

T-Jack's Days In Minnesota Could Be Numbered

With Brett Favre the newest Viking, who is the team's odd man out at the quarterback position? Our prediction: Sage Rosenfels and John David Booty will likely stay, Tarvaris Jackson will likely go.

Check Out What I Bought Today

Favre jerseys are now in Minnesota stores. After drinking the Favre Kool Aid yesterday, we decided to buy one...

Your Brett Favre Roundup

We take a look at all the Favre-related news items unfolding, including highlights from his first practice with the Vikings and the reactions of Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels.

Farvegeddon Finally Reaches Its Conclusion

Brett Favre has signed with Minnesota, and Gonzo can't quite get his head wrapped around it.

Open Thread: Vikings Introduce Favre

We watch live as the Vikings introduce Brett Favre.

He's baaaaaaaack! (Of course he is.)

Do you hear that? It's the sound of Michael Vick and Rick Pitino high-fiving over the fact that Brett Favre decided to join the Vikings today. Get Eric's take on Favrestock hitting his favorite team after returning from his promised Favre hiatus.

Favrestock 2009!

We're keeping up with all the breaking news on this huge day for the Minnesota Vikings. The team just announced its acquisition of Brett Favre in a press release.

What Happens to T-Jack?

Now that Brett Favre is a Minnesota Viking, what happens to the other quarterbacks on the roster? We ponder Tarvaris Jackson's future...

Brett Favre, Your Starting Quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings

It's happened: Brett Favre is a Minnesota Viking. We react to this stunning news.

Jay Glazer Just Can't Say Goodbye to Favreapalooza

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports is speculating that Brett Favre will still become a Viking. Our response: No chance.

Not Again! Favre Leaves Door Open

A couple recent reports have left the door open for Brett Favre to reconsider his decision and come out of retirement. In our book, he's welcome to do so -- just not with the Minnesota Vikings.

T-Jack and Rosenfels React

Tons of players are reacting to the Favre news, but the reactions from T-Jack and Sage Rosenfels are obviously the most important ones. We take a look at their thoughts on the news.

Brett Favre Staying Retired; Won't Play for Vikings in 2009

Well, Brett Favre is staying retired after all. Thank goodness it's over!

After All That, No Favre

After months of drama, Brett Favre will not be coming out of retirement. Where do the Vikings go from here?

Longwell Thinks Favre is 50-50

Vikings kicker and former Brett Favre teammate Ryan Longwell sets the odds at about 50-50 on whether Favre will come out of retirement. However, there are indications that the odds of Favre returning are, in fact, better than that.

The Calm Before the Storm

It's been a quiet weekend for news thus far, but things will undoubtedly heat up in the coming days. We take a look back at the twists and turns of the Favre saga in anticipation of an exciting week ahead.

Make it Stop, Brett

According to ESPN's Ed Werder, Brett Favre is agonizing over whether he should come out of retirement and play for the Vikings. Needless to say, we've had more than enough of Favre's back-and-forth drama.

Allen: Favre Saga is "Annoying"

Another member of the Vikings defensive line is expressing frustration about how the Favre saga is playing out. Ray Edwards generated some controversy back in June when he criticized Favre for being a distant presence in the Jets locker room -- and now, Jared Allen just wants the Vikes to move forward.

Chilly's Giddy for Favre

Brad Childress seems to be downright giddy for the arrival of Brett Favre to Minnesota, calling the quarterback a "top-five passer in the NFL." We can hardly blame Childress for his excitement.

Favre to Vikings: I'll Make Decision by July 30th

The Associated Press reports that Brett Favre will make a decision on whether or not to come out of retirement by July 30th. That day coincides with the start of training camp for the Vikings.