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Wait, Money's the Issue?

A recent report suggests that money will be to blame if Brett Favre decides against signing with the Vikings. We find that very hard to believe.

An End in Sight? Well...

Many were predicting a conclusion to the Favre saga near the end of this week, but a recent report calls that into question. When will the soap opera come to an end?

So, When is it Gonna be Official?

After months of the Brett Favre saga, it appears we're in for a conclusion at some point this month. We do our best to pinpoint the most likely time in July for the addition of Favre to become official.

Brett Favre: Eden Prairie's Newest Resident?

Rumor has it that Brett Favre's purchased a home in the upscale Bearpath community of Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Your Brett Favre Roundup

Brett Favre has reportedly been to Minnesota recently to have his throwing arm examined. Meanwhile, Rodney Harrison and Al Harris have two very different opinions of the ongoing Favre saga.

Forbes Wonders if Vikings are for Sale

Forbes Magazine wonders if Zygi Wilf's motivation for pursuing Brett Favre is to generate a positive buzz surrounding the Vikings and then sell the team.

Favre Will Be at Vikings' Training Camp

According to WCCO's Mark Rosen, Brett Favre will be at Vikings' training camp. Try to act surprised.

King: Favre's Arm Looks Good

According to the football coach at the high school he's been throwing at, Brett Favre is regaining his old velocity and zip on his throws.

More Favre: Has the Inevitable Already Happened?

Does Brett Favre already have a signed deal with the Vikings? Pro Football Talk seems to think so.

The Favre Stages of Grief

Gonzo takes a look at the psychological process that many Viking fans have probably found themselves going through recently.

Childress Comes to Favre's Defense

After Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards criticized Brett Favre for having a private locker room of sorts in New York last season, Brad Childress came to the quarterback's defense. Childress says he expects Favre to be a tremendous teammate if and when he plays for Minnesota.

Edwards: Favre's Personal Locker Room is B.S.

Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards had some harsh words for Brett Favre using a locker outside the Jets' primary locker room last season. Will Favre become less of a distant locker room presence if/when he joins the Vikings?

Leber Offers a Favre Timeline

Vikings linebacker Ben Leber would like to see the Favre saga resolved by the end of the first week of training camp. We think that's a week too late.

Your Move, Minnesota Vikings

Joe Buck's interview with Brett Favre cleared up a surprising amount of unanswered questions. But how will the Vikings organization respond to the interview?

Being Brett Favre

As we move toward the inevitable event of Brett Favre becoming a Viking, are his motivations for wanting to come out of retirement still fair game for criticism and speculation? We think part of his interview with Joe Buck can help answer this question.

Favre Nearly Confirms Plans to Play for Vikings

For Brett Favre during "Joe Buck Live," the specifics were few and far between. But by reading between the lines, it becomes clear that he'll be a Viking this season.

Live Blog: Joe Buck Interviews Brett Favre

Brett Favre is appearing on "Joe Buck Live" tonight. We blog and chat along as the interview unfolds.

Some Final Thoughts for Tonight's Interview

With Brett Favre's interview with Joe Buck quickly approaching, we're confident Buck will ask the tough questions. But will Favre provide the answers?

Finally! Favre to Speak Monday on HBO

Brett Favre will be interviewed Monday night on HBO's "Joe Buck Live." How much will be resolved in the interview?

BSPN: Vikings to Assess Favre's Progress

ESPN is reporting that a Vikings trainer and member of the coaching staff will assess Brett Favre's progress this weekend. Given the network's track record in Favre reporting, we'll remain skeptical.

T-Jack and Rosenfels on Favre

Brad Childress clearly doesn't feel an obligation to communicate with Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels about the ongoing Brett Favre saga. But should he be keeping those two guys in the loop?

Favregeddon: The Locker Room Factor

Is the continuation of the Brett Favre circus an indictment on Brad Childress? Does Childress runs the risk of losing the locker room if this continues much longer?

BSPN: The Incompetent Sports Media

We've never seen so much incompetent journalism, such disregard for industry ethics, and so much false information being produced by the media as we have during the Brett Favre saga. How is the media getting away with this?

Favre Too Much for Favre Too Long

The Brett Favre story should have ended today. Sadly, we all know that it will not.

Favregeddon: The CliffsNotes Version

Favre-related reports were coming in fast and furious yesterday -- and things became more, rather than less, confusing. So, we attempted to condense the last 36 hours into a neat, tidy summary to make some sense of it all.

How Firm is Favre Deadline?

Brad Childress has reportedly set a deadline of this week for Brett Favre to decide whether or not he wants to play for the Vikings this year. We explore why Childress might stick to this deadline and why he might waver.

Quarterback Closure Not Favre Away

Brett Favre underwent arthroscopic surgery to repair his injured right shoulder, according to reports. For Vikings fans, this means an end is finally in sight for the Favre saga.

Friday's Notebook: Tarkenton Still Making Noise

The controversy surrounding Fran Tarkenton's comments on Brett Favre is showing no signs of slowing down.

Tarkenton vs. Foreman

Two prominent former Vikings, two vastly different opinions on the Brett Favre saga.

Brett Favre, Fran Tarkenton, and Loyalty

Fran Tarkenton's comments about Brett Favre raise a couple interesting issues -- whether or not today's professional athletes feel any sense of loyalty to franchises, and whether or not they should feel any sense of loyalty to franchises.

Tuesday's Notebook: Back to Favre!

Brett Favre is back in the news as Peter King reports that the Vikings won't wait much longer for a decision from the veteran quarterback.

Where Gonzo Makes His Case for Brett Favre

Gonzo has finally laid out his case for the inevitable Vikings' signing of Brett Favre. It's a doozy, so go have a look!

Sunday's Notebook: The Docs, and Greenway, Weigh in on Favre

Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway says he'd support the signing of Brett Favre, provided Favre participates in the team's offseason program. Also, several shoulder specialists offer their takes on Favre's partially torn biceps.

Saturday's Notebook: The Favre Revenge Factor

Brett Favre explores treatment options for his partially torn biceps while rumors indicate that he's ready for a little revenge on Ted Thompson. Meanwhile, did the Favre speculation cause talks to break down between the Vikings and Antoine Winfield?

Dr. James Andrews Now Involved in Favre/Vikings Situation

Yes, Dr. James Andrews has consulted with Brett Favre about his injury. What's it mean? Find out here!

An Open Letter to the Mainstream Media About Brett Favre

Gonzo wonders aloud how the media can be complaining about the Brett Favre situation after all they've done to cause it.