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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament

Our quest to find the one person that exemplifies the Minnesota Vikings more than any other.

Greatest Viking: Final Bracket

Our tournament is in the books, folks. Here's a look at the last bracket to recap everything that's happened over the past two-plus months.

Alan Page: The Greatest Viking Of All Time

In a hard-fought Championship Match, the first defensive player to be named NFL Most Valuable Player pulled away from legendary coach Bud Grant to stand alone atop the mountain in our tournament.

Greatest Viking: Peterson Defeats Carter

It's not quite as good as winning the entire tournament, but the NFL MVP ended our tournament on a high note, taking down Cris Carter in our Consolation Match.

Greatest Viking Finals: Grant vs Page

Two men remain standing in the quest to be declared the Greatest Viking Of All Time. Who will emerge victorious in this final match-up?

Greatest Viking: Peterson vs Carter

The finals of our tournament aren't until Friday, but we have a pretty nifty match-up for you to consider in the meantime.

Greatest Viking: Updated Bracket/Schedule

With just two matches remaining in our tournament, we have will will likely be our penultimate bracket for your viewing pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.

Greatest Viking: Page Advances

In a match-up that was more one-sided than anticipated, Alan Page moved on to the finals of our tournament, where he will meet Bud Grant for the championship.

Greatest Viking: Grant Advances

It took a legend to stop the Adrian Peterson juggernaut in our tournament, but it happened. . .Bud Grant has advanced to the Championship Match.

Greatest Viking: (1) Carter vs (2) Page

The right to advance to our Championship Match is on the line in this one, featuring two Hall of Famers and true legends of the game.

Greatest Viking: (1) Peterson vs (1) Grant

Two of the true titans of Minnesota Vikings history square off for the right to advance to the Championship Match of our tournament.

Greatest Viking: Final Four Update and Schedule

There are four men still standing in our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament, folks. By the end of this week, a champion will be crowned.

Greatest Viking: Grant Advances

Our Final Four is officially set, as Coach Bud Grant got past John Randle to set up a huge match-up.

Greatest Viking: Page Advances

One of the Purple People Eaters has gotten to the Final Four of our tournament, and he took down a #1 overall seed in the process.

Greatest Viking: (1) Grant vs (2) Randle

Two more Minnesota Vikings Hall of Famers square off for the right to battle Adrian Peterson in the Final Four of our tournament!

Greatest Viking: Carter Advances

In what was the closest match-up we've had in our tournament thus far, the Vikings' newest Hall of Famer became the newest member of our Final Four.

Greatest Viking: (1) Tarkenton vs (2) Page

Two true legends of Minnesota Vikings history square off in this match-up to occupy the third spot in our Final Four.

Greatest Viking: Peterson Advances

Adrian Peterson scored his fourth straight convincing victory in our tournament, defeated Jared Allen to claim the first spot in our Final Four.

Greatest Viking: (1) Carter vs (3) Marshall

A couple of greats from THE. . .dramatic pause. . .Ohio State University battle it out for the right to occupy the second spot in our Final Four.

Greatest Viking: (1) Peterson vs (2) Allen

The guys that might be the two best current Vikings square off for the chance to make it to the Final Four of our Tournament.

Greatest Viking: Updated Bracket/Elite 8 Schedule

From 66 former players, coaches, trainers, and even mascots, we have narrowed our quest for the Greatest Viking Of All Time to eight.

Greatest Viking: Randle Advances

Our Elite 8 is set, ladies and gentlemen, as John Randle fought his way past Carl Eller to secure his spot in the next round of our tournament.

Greatest Viking: Page Advances

Alan Page got past Randall McDaniel and into our Elite 8, setting up what should be a truly incredible match-up for a trip to the Final Four.

Greatest Viking: (2) Randle vs (3) Eller

A battle between two Hall of Fame defensive lineman caps off our Sweet 16 match-ups.

Greatest Viking: Marshall Advances

In a match-up that many thought would be pretty close, Jim Marshall scored a victory over Randy Moss to move on to our Elite 8.

Greatest Viking: (2) Page vs (3) McDaniel

Two of the greatest warriors of the trenches in Vikings history square off for the right to meet Fran Tarkenton in our Elite 8.

Greatest Viking: Allen Advances

In a pretty close match-up, Jared Allen advanced past Antoine Winfield to earn a date in the Elite 8 with Adrian Peterson.

Greatest Viking: (2) Moss vs (3) Marshall

A true "old school" vs "new school" match-up is our battle for today, as one of the Vikings' greatest wide receivers of all time takes on one of the team's greatest defensive ends.

Greatest Viking: (2) Allen vs (3) Winfield

A couple of defensive teammates from recent Vikings' history kick off the second half of our Sweet 16!

Greatest Viking: Updated Bracket and Schedule

We have an updated bracket for your viewing pleasure in our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament, as well as a schedule of this week's match-ups.

Greatest Viking: Grant Advances

It's a clean sweep for the top seeds in our tournament, as Bud Grant breezed past Chris Doleman to get into our Elite 8.

Greatest Viking: Tarkenton Advances

Quarterback Fran Tarkenton made his way to a relatively easy victory over defensive tackle Kevin Williams to move into our Elite 8.

Greatest Viking: (1) Grant vs (4) Doleman

Another clash of two Hall of Famers highlights our "1 vs 4" match-ups in our tournament, as a great head coach takes on a great defensive lineman.

Greatest Viking: Carter Advances

Just days before he is scheduled to be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Cris Carter advances to the Elite 8 of our tournament, defeating Paul Krause.

Greatest Viking: (1) Tarkenton vs (4) Williams

We continue the march through our Sweet 16, as the greatest quarterback in Vikings history takes on a member of the long line of great defensive linemen to wear the purple and gold.

Greatest Viking: Peterson Advances

In what shouldn't really come as a surprise, the reigning NFL MVP got past Chuck Foreman in their match-up, punching his ticket to the Elite 8.

Greatest Viking: (1) Carter vs (4) Krause

The Minnesota Vikings' newest Hall of Famer takes on a man that's been in Canton for a while as our tournament moves through the Sweet 16.