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In The Huddle

In The Huddle

Who Will The Vikings Draft? | CTP’s In The Huddle

The Vikings are on the clock in the NFL Draft, and the board fell in a surprising way, so who’s your choice? You can trade down or select, it is your choice as the guys argued what would be best. SKOL!

Vikings: Position Rankings | CTP’s In The Huddle

Climbing The Pocket member Deshawn Vaughan graded each position group on the Vikings. Jayson and Myles discussed and asked you if those rankings were about right? What do you think?

Vikings: Improving At The Margins? | CTP’s In The Huddle

The Vikings have made a few additions to the team since last week and Jayson, Myles, and Flip are going to talk about it and how the team has improved. SKOL!

Vikings Sign Za’Darius | CTP’s In The Huddle

Must watch or listen any time there is big news from the Vikings and PFF’s Eric Eager is on. Grab your Lake Monster Brew and join Climbing The Pocket with Jayson Brown and Myles Gorham. They discuss the state of football in Eagan & the league, especially with NFL Free Agency.

Same Old Same Old | CTP’s In The Huddle

Didn’t the Vikings sign a DT and an LB last year? Wasn’t Kirk Cousins extended before? Re-signing Sean Mannion? It seems like deja vu all over again. Jayson Brown & Nick Olson along with support from Lake Monster Brewing wonder how this happens. What’s next, drafting a CB in Rd 1?

Is Kirk Cousins Next? | In The Huddle

Here we go! The QB game of musical chairs has started and we want to know if Kirk Cousins get a new seat? Myles Gorham, the great Flip Mazzi & Dave cheering them on with Lake Monster Brewing to make this happen. Join Climbing The Pocket and join the conversation. SKOL!

Vikings & The Combine | CTP’s In The Huddle

It is the NFL Combine and your Minnesota Vikings are there. Jayson and Myles are analyzing what GM Kwesi Adofo-Mensah said and what it means. What did you think?

Kevin O’Connell No Worries | CTP’s In The Huddle

Matt Fries of Kindred Skols and CTP joins Jayson and Myles to dive into the new reported coaching staff with a deep look at the new defensive philosophy. All this and more like Super Bowl takes and Kevin O’Connell hysteria.

CTP’s In The Huddle - Jim Harbaugh & the Final 4

The CTP crew huddled the talk about the final 4 candidates in the Vikings head coaching search. Starting with Jim Harbaugh and rolling through the others. Who do you want?

CTP’s In The Huddle - Vikings New GM Kwesi Adofo-Mensah

It isn’t official yet, but soon will be. Eric Eager joins Jayson and Myles in the huddle to talk about Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and what it means that he is looking to be the Vikings’ next GM.

CTP’s In The Huddle - You’re Fired!

You’re Fired! "We’re disappointed in the football results," said Mark Wilf. Jayson, Flip, and Myles bring you the obituary of the 2021 Vikings. SKOL!

CTP’s In The Huddle - Demise of the Season

The loss to the Packers signals the demise of the season, but did it start so much earlier? Jayson, Myles, and Eric Eager of PFF talk about all the things that went into that outcome and what’s next? Join the discussion.

CTP’s In The Huddle - It Starts to Come Apart

The loss to the Lions was significant. Jayson, Myles, and Eric Eager of PFF talk about who’s to blame and what’s next? Join the discussion.

CTP’s In The Huddle - Stay Aggressive!

Keeping games competitive, but can the Vikings go out dominate? Jayson and Flip ask this and more questions, all the while engaging with the fans.

CTP’s In The Huddle - Here We Go Again

Jayson and Myles get into an engaging conversation about how the Vikings keep repeating their close loss results.

CTP’s In The Huddle - Vikings Realistic Expectations

Vikings vs Cowboys is quickly approaching and Paul Catalina of BLEAV in Cowboys and 365 Sports Channel joins Jayson and Myles to talk about it.

CTP’s In The Huddle - Finding Optimism?

Eric Eager of PFF and CTP is actually optimistic about the Vikings. He joins Jayson and Myles and they talk about why.

CTP’s In The Huddle - Can They Right The Ship?

Jayson, Myles, and Flip, with his flame thrower, talk your Minnesota Vikings after the loss to the Cleveland Browns. They look at what will need to change to move forward with success.

CTP’s In The Huddle - Leaning In

Jayson, Myles, and Yinka go over the victory over the Seahawks, Kirk’s outstanding play, and briefly look forward to the Browns.

CTP’s In The Huddle - Vikings, Cardinals, Seahawks

Yinka in full light joins Jayson and Myles to talk about what happened vs the Cardinals and what will be against the Seahawks.

CTP’s In The Huddle - The Original Crew, & Vikings, What Happened?

Jordan Reid joins the crew and talks about how Kirk Cousins wasn’t comfortable early in the game. Comfortable?

CTP’s In The Huddle - Vikings Perceptions & Expectations

A little controversy on Climbing The Pocket’s In The Huddle tonight. Join the conversation! --- "A little??? Eric is on." ~ @SKOLLite. Join the spirited conversation!

CTP’s In The Huddle - Final 53

Cutdown day has happened and the Minnesota Vikings cut their roster to 53. There were some surprises, but it is only final as of the end of the day. Tons of more moves and cycling players on and off to come. We’ll be here for those too.

CTP’s In The Huddle - Final 53, Griffen, & a Backup QB

Some of your favorite CTP personalities talked Vikings vs Colts, the need or not for a backup QB, the defense with Everson Griffen added, and the offense improvements, or not. Do you root for Kirk Cousins?

CTP’s In The Huddle - Depth Concerns & the Colts

Some of your favorite CTP personalities talked Vikings vs Broncos player results, depth issues and looked forward to the Vikings vs Colts game on Saturday.

CTP’s In The Huddle - Zimmer, Oline & WRs, Stock Report

Some of your favorite CTP personalities talked to what is up with Christian Darrisaw, Oli Udoh, and Wyatt Davis, plus look ahead at the Vikings vs the Broncos.

CTP’s In The Huddle - Camp, Vax Rates, & Gladney Gone

The group gathers to talk pads on in camp, which players are balling, and what risk to team results the percentage of vaccinated players have. Is it time to get excited?