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Minnesota Vikings 2013 Season

Where we compile everything relating to the Minnesota Vikings' 2013 season.

Vikings Top Plays Of 2013: Two Guys, One Sack

Can't go over it. . .can't go under it. . .can't go around it. . .gotta go through it.


One of our favorite plays from the Vikings' 2013 season came in the season finale, and it came from one of the more likely sources.

Vikings Top Plays Of 2013: Moves Like Jennings

We bring you a big Vikings' play from a game that the team actually won. Weird, huh?

Vikings Top Plays Of 2013: Ford Tough

Adrian Peterson is great, but sometimes even the great ones need a little help from their friends. Even the friends they may not have even known they had.

Top Plays Of 2013: Robison To The House

The Minnesota Vikings' defense didn't have a lot of big moments in 2013, but one of them came in Week 2 at Soldier Field.

Top Plays Of 2013: TOBY SMASH One More Time

Toby Gerhart is now a former Viking, but he gave Minnesota fans one last nice memory before he left for Jacksonville.

Analyzing the Vikings Schedule

Taking a look at the Vikings 2014 schedule, game by game

Gratuitous Pictures To Distract From Vikings News!

The Vikings haven't had a very good start to 2014. Before picking the Wild Card games, Daily Norseman is going to provide you with a pleasant distraction: a summary of Eric's Gratuitous Pictures of the Week throughout the 2013 season.

Leslie Frazier Fired

As expected, Leslie Frazier has been fired as head coach of the Minnesota Vikings

Week 17 Preview And Picks: Farewell

The Minnesota Vikings are bidding farewell to the Metrodome on Sunday. Thanks to disappointing seasons, both the Vikings and Lions may be saying goodbye to many other parts of their teams.

Week 16 Preview: Free To Go (Or Stay)

Daily Norseman checks on the pending free agents currently on the Vikings roster before previewing their upcoming game against the Bengals.

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Throttled: Bengals 42, Vikings 14

The Minnesota Vikings got whipped in their final road game of 2013 by one of the AFC's best teams.

Week 15 Preview And Picks: Not A Fan

Sometimes stereotypes are true. In my experience, Eagles fans have usually lived up to their reputation.

Cassel Named Week 15 Starting QB

Cassel will get the starting nod when the Vikings host the red-hot Eagles on Sunday.

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Upset: Vikings 48, Eagles 30

The Minnesota Vikings pulled off one of the bigger upsets of the 2013 NFL season, taking down the Philadelphia Eagles by a final score of 48-30.

What Will Become of Minnesota's Coaches and GM?

There are going to be plenty of changes in Minnesota this coming off-season. But what do you think those changes should be?

Featured Fanshot

VIDEO: Vikings vs. Ravens: SB Nation Game Preview

The SB Nation folks made a quick video previewing this week's game between the Vikings and Ravens. As you might expect, there isn't a whole lot of positivity surrounding the possibility of a Vikings win. The good news? Leslie Frazier can totally play the "Nobody Believes In Us!" card.

Week 14 Preview And Picks: Running Out Of Time

Daily Norseman checks the mileage on Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson before previewing the Vikings/Ravens game and making the Week 14 NFL picks.

Matt Cassel Named Week 14 Starter

The Minnesota Vikings quarterback carousel continues.

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Again: Ravens 29, Vikings 26

Once again, the Vikings had a lead in the final minute. Once again, the Vikings needed to make a stop. If you've been paying attention this season, you know how it ended.

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Crazy: Vikings 23, Bears 20 (OT)

The Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears made the final meeting at the Metrodome between the two teams a memorable one.

Week 13 Preview And Picks: Thanks!

Although the season hasn't turned out the way that any Vikings fan wanted it to, Daily Norseman takes time to give thanks to three veteran Vikings that probably won't be around in 2014.

Five Good Questions: Vikings @ Packers

Daily Norseman virtually sits down with Green Bay Packers site Acme Packing Company to find out more about the Vikings' upcoming opponent.

Week 12 Picks And Preview: Is It Over Yet?

Next year can't come fast enough for Vikings fans. Unfortunately we still have to see the 2013 team six more times.

Ponder Named Week 12 Starter

Hope you liked what you saw in Week 11 from the Vikings, because here comes more of it.

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Tie: Vikings 26, Packers 26

In their first tie game in 35 years, almost to the day, the Minnesota Vikings blew a 16-point fourth quarter lead and wound up settling for a 26-26 deadlock at Lambeau Field.

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Expected: Seahawks 41, Vikings 20

A 2-7 team took on a 9-1 team in Seattle on Sunday afternoon, and the results were. . .well, pretty much what you'd expect.

Week 11 Preview And Picks: Percy's Revenge?

Sunday's game between the Vikings and Seahawks will be billed as Percy Harvin's Triumphant Return Against His Old Team. But is the revenge angle overblown?

Simpson To Play Sunday; May Not Start

Jerome Simpson should be in the lineup against Seattle but Cordarrelle Patterson could start over him.

Redskins @ Vikings Preview, Week 10 NFL Picks

After promising 2012 seasons that ended in surprising playoff berths, the Vikings and Redskins have taken big steps back. Which team will gain some rare positive momentum on Thursday?

Kyle Rudolph Injury: Out 4-6 Weeks

Bad just got worse for the 1-7 Vikings: Kyle Rudolph will be out 4-6 weeks.

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Crazy: Vikings 34, Redskins 27

The Minnesota Vikings held on to win a wild one over the Washington Redskins on Thursday Night Football and avoid the worst start in team history.

Vikings Play Best Game Of Season, Lose 27-23

The Minnesota Vikings are still playing hard, but they still aren't going anywhere.

Ponder Named Week 9 Starter

The Vikings have named their starting QB for the Week 9 game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Week 9 Picks, Vikings @ Cowboys Preview

The Minnesota Vikings are one of the scariest teams in the NFL this season. Daily Norseman speculates what certain Vikings players and personnel might wear on Halloween before making the Week 9 NFL picks.

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Again: Cowboys 27, Vikings 23

Once again, the Minnesota Vikings had a lead late in the game. Once again, they couldn't seal the deal. And now they've matched the worst start in franchise history.