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Daily Norseman Mail Bag with Di

Responses to questions that readers have tweeted or asked on the #DNMailbag thread on @dailynorseman.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Right about now I'm pretty sure most Vikings fans could use a break from all of the Adrian Peterson and Vikings drama. While I recognize the seriousness of what has happened, I decided to go ahead and post the inaugural Daily Norseman Mailbag post, with me as your not very benevolent host (or hostess, whatever).  On with the questions.....

From @krisjanisch on Twitter:  Why would Asiata get more carries than McKinnon?

Answer:  It's simple, Kris.  Asiata had carries last year and proved to be a decent sub.  McKinnon is a rookie.  Albeit, a talented rookie, but still a rookie.

From @purpleprince7:  If Cassel has another bad game this Sun, do you think the Vikes start Teddy vs. ATL or is it 2 early 4 him?

Answer:  This is entirely possible.  I'd argue that Bridgewater would only be able to perform slightly better than Cassel if the O-Line and the receivers play as poorly as they did vs. the Pats.

From Justheory on the DN:  Could Norv's new offensive schemes be the reason why our offensive line is performing worse than last year?

Answer:  It certainly seems reasonable.  Norv's playbook is much more sophisticated than what the Vikings have been used to.  Even a veteran like Jennings admitted it was a lot to learn.  Also, Khalil looks terrible.

From Hassan @fresh_pirate on Twitter:  What will it take for it to be Teddy Time?

Answer:  Pretty much what happened today. Vikings ownership is going to be eager to please fans after their "mistake" in reactivating Peterson. I think Teddy will see playing time very soon.

From @tommythegunn13 on Twitter:  Was it just me, or where the in-game adjustments almost Frazier-esque (AKA absent)?

Answer:  Yes.  That's not really Norv's thing, though.

From @purplebuckeye So was Paleo food invented by Communists for Communists?

Answer:  No.  Paleo was invented by people who like bread and rice, but don't want to weigh 300 lbs.

From laxetan25 on DN:  Is there a chance the Vikings knew something about the Peterson situation long enough that it influenced them drafting McKinnon?

Answer:  No.  But they did know about it long enough in advance that they held AP out of contact drills and the preseason. Surmise what you will.

From @purpleforthewin:  What's the deal with grape nuts?  No grapes, no nuts?

Answer:  I figured only 80 year olds ate that crap, so I got nothin'.

From @NorseCodeDN:  Top 5 players under 5'11?

Answer:  Wes Welker, DeSean Jackson, Steve Smith, Santana Moss, and Deion Branch

From @nickasun on Twitter:  Favorite comedy movie?

Answer:  Not sure I have one. For tv shows, I love Big Bang Theory.

From @KJSegall on Twitter:  What are your three favorite things about Cullen Loeffler?

He's tall, he's handsome, and he can long snap a mean ball.  Next.