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Minnesota Vikings 2020 NFL Draft

Two Old Bloggers : The Vikings Draft in 2023

Check out the latest from "Two Old Bloggers" where Darren and Dave talk about the draft that was. The Minnesota Vikings had an uneventful draft, but still added promising players like Jordan Addison and addressed their cornerback position with Blackmon and Ward. Jaren Hall, a developmental quarterback, was also added. Undrafted free agents Ivan Pace Jr. and Andre Carter II could surprise many.

GMG - Dalvin Cook Holdout!

Good Morning Gjallarhorn talks about Dalvin Cook’s holdout. What is reasonable? Can the team succeed without the running back?

Excited About Cameron Dantzler? - CTPN Quick Shots

The Minnesota Vikings drafted two corners early in the draft. The second one was Cameron Dantzler out of Mississippi State. Are we excited about him? Watch or listen and find out.

Kirk Cousins’ Top 10 Throws in 2019 - CTPN Quick Shots

Nick and Dave look at the Vikings 2019 season and pick out Kirk Cousin’ top 10 throws. Love him or hate him, these are all a thing of beauty!

Vikings O-Line improvement? Pt 2 - CTPN Quick Shots

In part 2 of the O-Line show, Jayson, Matt, and Tyler talk about the rest of the offensive line players and especially on the rookies taken later in the draft.

Vikings O-Line improvement? - CTPN Quick Shots, Pt 1

What is the state of the Vikings offensive line? Did it improve and what can be expected?

GMG - Vikings Draft Wrap Up

The Good Morning Gjallarhorn crew looks at all 15 Minnesota Vikings draft picks. Who are your favorites?

CTPN Quick Shots - Where is Matthew Coller and what is Purple Insider?

Matthew Coller talks with Jayson Brown of Climbing The Pocket about how he is doing since the layoff from SKOR North and tells us all about the new Purple Insider.

ESPN: Vikings made the best trade of draft weekend

As expected

Vikings New WR Justin Jefferson Vows To Make Teams Who Didn’t Pick Him “Pay”

He wants all the smoke

Rick Spielman says that virtual meetings will remain a way of business in the future

Lessons were learned in this year’s unique process

Lots of draft experts think the Vikings killed it last weekend

The grades were high all around

CTPN Quick Shots - Should the Vikings Ezra Cleveland Start at LT?

Climbing The Pocket Network Question of the Day - Should the Vikings start Ezra Cleveland at LT from the beginning? Dave gives you the options.

Thanks to everyone for a great Draft Weekend!

We had a hell of a lot of fun and a hell of a lot of visitors

Did Rick Spielman wheel and deal like he’ll be the Vikings GM in 2021?

Some of the moves the Vikings GM made seem to indicate he’s going to be here in 2021. Let’s take a look.

King: Vikings tried to trade up with Buccaneers in Round 1 of 2020 NFL Draft

But the Bucs decided that they didn’t want to drop back that far

Vikings officially announce signings of 12 Undrafted Free Agents

That brings the roster to 87

Packers attempted to trade up with Vikings to draft Jordan Love

But Rick Spielman turned them down

Vikings announce jersey numbers for 2020 Draft Class

If you ordered a jersey, here’s what you’ll be getting

Your Minnesota Vikings 2020 Undrafted Free Agent Tracker

The eighth round of the draft is here!

Vikings set record for most picks in seven-round draft

They made a whole lot of picks and it could have been more

The Vikings already have 12 picks in the 2021 NFL Draft

If you include likely compensatory picks, that is

Your complete Minnesota Vikings Draft Class of 2020

All 15 players and where they were picked, right here

This stream has:

Your Minnesota Vikings 2020 NFL Draft Tracker

All the info on the newest members of the purple, among other things

2020 NFL Draft Results: Minnesota Vikings select Kyle Hinton

One more offensive lineman for the road

2020 NFL Draft Results: Minnesota Vikings select Brian Cole II

Yes, more players in the secondary

2020 NFL Draft Grades: What do you think about the selection of Nate Stanley?

Does he have a chance of sticking behind Kirk Cousins?

2020 NFL Draft Results: Minnesota Vikings select Nate Stanley

Holy hell, it’s a quarterback!

2020 NFL Draft Grades: What do you think of the selection of Kenny Willekes?

Looks like a potential steal to me

2020 NFL Draft Results: Minnesota Vikings select Kenny Willekes

More defensive line help for Andre Patterson to develop

2020 NFL Draft: Round Seven discussion

The final round is here, folks.

2020 NFL Draft Grades: What do you think of the selection of Josh Metellus?

Some help at the safety position for the Vikings

2020 NFL Draft Grades: What do you think of the selection of Blake Brandel?

It sounds like he’s a pretty solid prospect

2020 NFL Draft Results: Minnesota Vikings select Josh Metellus

Back to the secondary, as the Vikings draft some safety help

2020 NFL Draft Results: Minnesota Vikings select Blake Brandel

Another offensive line selection

2020 NFL Draft Trades: Minnesota Vikings make deal with Baltimore Ravens

Yes. . .another trade


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