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Minnesota Vikings Podcasts

Minnesota Vikings Podcasts

If you like Vikings' podcasts, we've got a ton of them here for you.

Draft Prep Part 3 with Blue Chip Scouting’s Devin & Mike | The Real Forno Show

On this Real Forno Show, Mike Hrynyshyn and Devin Jackson of Blue Chip Scouting join Tyler to talk about small school players and sleepers that you need to be aware of. This is part 3 of the 4 part series in your draft prep leading up to the NFL Draft.

Vikings’ Propaganda: Don’t Worry, Be Happy | Two Old Bloggers

No worries now. The bad man is gone. It was all the defense’s fault. All is good now. We’ll get future legends in the draft. Really? Join Darren and Dave as we debate on all the sunshine and roses coming from Egan and parts of the fan base.

Who’s Your Favorite? | Viking Hot Takes

Flip and Eric engage again. Free agency seems to be on hold while teams make their final preparations for the NFL Draft and your Minnesota Vikings are no different. There are some free agents still available though, and then there are draft choices to wish for. Who’s your favorite?

The Draft Without Crissy Froyd | Vikings Happy Hour

The weather didn’t cooperate with our guest, so rather than punt, we called an option and dove into the QB class ourselves. SKOL!

Norse Code Podcast Episode 421: Falling to 12

Arif and James are back to discuss McDuffie vs. Linderbaum vs. Stingley at 12. Also we go over 3rd round players of note and if Dan Snyder’s ownership of the Washington Commies will survive his latest scandal.

Draft Prep Part 2 with NBC Edge’s Thor Nystrom | The Real Forno Show

Two workmates get together and argue what’s better, a p*ss missile or a bazooka? Howitzer is the correct answer. Then which QBs have one? Thor Nystrom from NBC Sports Edge joins Tyler Forness for part 2 of your draft prep.

Vikings Sneaky Draft Needs | Two Old Bloggers

The themes for today’s show with Darren and me on this Climbing The Pocket show are: 1) Stay at #12 or Trade down? 2) Vikings’ sneaky draft needs? 3) Til Valhalla. So grab your favorite Lake Monster Brew and enjoy Vikings talk on Sunday!

Gophers & the Draft with Daniel House | Vikings Happy Hour

Daniel House of the Gopher Guru and Vikings Corner joins everyone at the bar to talk about Minnesota Gophers prospects and his views on the state of your Minnesota Vikings. SKOL!

Vikings: Position Rankings | CTP’s In The Huddle

Climbing The Pocket member Deshawn Vaughan graded each position group on the Vikings. Jayson and Myles discussed and asked you if those rankings were about right? What do you think?

Draft Prep Part 1 with Yahoo’s Eric Edholm | The Real Forno Show

Draft prep part 1 with Tyler Forness and guest Eric Edholm, SKOL searching for Vikings edge prospects. Join this Climbing The Pocket & Daily Norseman production powered by Lake Monster Brewing and you. We will mock too! Who’s your choice?

“But Can He Play Guard?” | Two Old Bloggers

The themes for today’s show with Darren and me on this Climbing The Pocket show are 1) Kwesi and the ‘Competitive Rebuild’ - Quest for a Lombardi. 2) the second wave of free agency. 3) Vikings special teams. So grab your favorite Lake Monster Brew and enjoy Vikings talk!

Live with Thor Nystrom | Vikings Happy Hour

We learn that P2 re-signs. The Lake Monster Brew will be flowing & Thor Nystrom joins Matt Anderson and Ryan Ortega live from the brewery to talk NFL Draft prospects. Are there players he wants the Vikings to target? Could another CB one? Join us for this Climbing The Pocket on-site show.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 420: Three Nice Things

Arif and James are back to talk about the influx of former Packers to the Minnesota Vikings. We also discuss the Thielen restructure, the new OT rules for the playoffs, and say nice things about the new coach and GM. Bonus episode for everyone coming later this week! You can become a sustaining member of the show and access exclusive content at

Vikings: Improving At The Margins? | CTP’s In The Huddle

The Vikings have made a few additions to the team since last week and Jayson, Myles, and Flip are going to talk about it and how the team has improved. SKOL!

Corners & Wide Receivers | The Real Forno Show

Monday nights are changing, as it is now becoming The Real Forno Show! Join Tyler and Dave as they break down corners and wide receivers, talk about the Jesse Davis signing, and do a mock draft with you. Join us on our maiden voyage.

Competitive Rebuild | Two Old Bloggers

On today’s show, Darren and Dave will be talking about the Cousins extension, Vikings’ free agency so far, then a look back at the Stefon Diggs trade and how the Purple faired. Enjoy a Lake Monster Brew as Climbing The Pocket explains what a competitive rebuild is. Will it result in more wins?

The Vikings - Unicorns & Rainbows | Viking Hot Takes

"Let's put the haters to bed." Run it back or planned out? This season will validate the Vikings' move either way. Signing Za’Darius Smith should improve the pass rush. A good thing. Get excited with Flip Mazzi and Eric Thompson tonight with your favorite Lake Monster Brew at Climbing The Pocket. SKOL!

Live From Lake Monster Brewing with Matt Lange | Vikings Happy Hour

Our first live onsite show. Woot! Matt Lange, co-founder of Lake Monster Brewing will be joining the crew of Matt Anderson, Ryan Ortega, and Myles Gorham talking Vikings and the most delicious beer in Minnesota. Take part in the fun with Climbing The Pocket, like Za’Darius Smith and Danielle Hunter meeting at the quarterback!

Unbelievable! - Meet at the Quarterback

BJ Reidell and Drew Mahowald discuss the impact of signing passing-rushing beast Za’Darius Smith.

Vikings Sign Za’Darius | CTP’s In The Huddle

Must watch or listen any time there is big news from the Vikings and PFF’s Eric Eager is on. Grab your Lake Monster Brew and join Climbing The Pocket with Jayson Brown and Myles Gorham. They discuss the state of football in Eagan & the league, especially with NFL Free Agency.

Could the Vikings Draft a Wide Receiver In Round One? | Mock Draft Mondays

Tyler takes the chance in this episode to build around the extension of Cousins to improve the offense. The idea is to maximize the offense in lieu of the slow rebuild on the defensive side of the ball. We know there are a lot of holes. We will address different strategies as the weeks tick down closer to the draft. This was just one.

Have the Vikings Improved? | Viking Hot Takes

Flip of Climbing The Pocket and Eric from the Daily Norseman [and his mustache] hit on the latest topics in the land of the Purple. Have the Vikings improved?

Happy New League Year with Doogie Wolfson | Vikings Happy Hour

Anytime Doogie Wolfson joins VHH with Matt, Myles, & Ryan it is. Now take it to the next level as the new league started and Vikings are announcing signings, it will ROCK like a brew from Lake Monster Brewing! Listen or watch as Doogie drops scoops. SKOL!

Unbelievable! - Gonna Need Some Magic

BJ Reidell and Drew Mahowald discuss Kirk Cousins’s extension and signings of Harrison Phillips and Jordan Hicks.

Ring in the new league year with Vikings Report LIVE

Yep, we’re doing it live

Same Old Same Old | CTP’s In The Huddle

Didn’t the Vikings sign a DT and an LB last year? Wasn’t Kirk Cousins extended before? Re-signing Sean Mannion? It seems like deja vu all over again. Jayson Brown & Nick Olson along with support from Lake Monster Brewing wonder how this happens. What’s next, drafting a CB in Rd 1?

Norse Code Podcast Episode 419: Decisions Were Made

Arif and James are back to discuss the Cousins extension and what this means moving forward. We also go over what it means to fire the old regime and keep the same plan. And a few signings and releases. Also Wentz and Trubisky have new homes and Arif gets a victory lap of sorts.

The First Domino Falls | Mock Draft Mondays

This is going to be a wild show with the latest updates and cryptic tweets. Tyler was on point earlier today, Deshawn will bring his rainbows and glitter, & me, well.. the Vikings drive me to drink for a reason. Join us at Climbing The Pocket as we drop Depth Charges.

Reload in 2022? | Vikings Daily SITREP

Jonas chimes in on the extension of Kirk Cousins in this Vikings Daily SITREP. How does he feel? How do you?

Done Anything Yet? | Two Old Bloggers

Done anything yet? That’s what Minnesota Vikings fans are asking. The deadline to be cap compliant approaches quickly and moves must be made, but nothing as of yet. Then a look at the role tempo plays in an offensive attack, followed by the deep thoughts and deep dive into the present Vikings quarterback stable. Enjoy!

Ben Goessling & Vikings’ Moves? | Vikings Happy Hour

A fun show ahead as we celebrate our first Lake Monster Brewing giveaway then have Ben Goessling join Matt, Ryan & Dave to talk the latest Vikings rumors & moves (or lack thereof). Join Climbing The Pocket & the conversation. SKOL! Bring your beverages for a night of fun.

Unbelievable! - Quarterback Market Develops

BJ Reidell and Drew Mahowald discuss the departure of Eric Sugarman and the development of the quarterback trade market.

Norse Code Podcast Episode 418: Away The Moon

Arif and James are back to discuss this year’s NFL Combine. We go over the questionable 40 times, interior offensive linemen, and the corners. We also talk about the Russell Wilson trade, the Aaron Rodgers contract, and the end of the Vikings Donut Club.

Is Kirk Cousins Next? | In The Huddle

Here we go! The QB game of musical chairs has started and we want to know if Kirk Cousins get a new seat? Myles Gorham, the great Flip Mazzi & Dave cheering them on with Lake Monster Brewing to make this happen. Join Climbing The Pocket and join the conversation. SKOL!

The BIG Combine Recap | Mock Draft Mondays

Tyler and Deshawn recap what they saw in the NFL Combine and focused on players that did well, and some that didn’t. Plus, we finally mock again. Check out the results! Turning your Mondays Purple! Join us! SKOL!

Vikings’ Quest For The Best | Two Old Bloggers

Your Vikings are on a quest for the best from the NFL Combine, in Free Agency, and within their own position groups. Darren and Dave break down portions of all 3, from who have the Vikes met with, which interior offensive linemen they might target in free agency, and wrap up looking at the current running back stable. Enjoy!