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Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Thunderdome

Stories about the Vikings' handling of their quarterback situation during the period leading up to free agency in 2018.

A closer look at Kirk Cousins’ contract

It’s a big contract, but it doesn’t appear that it will be cumbersome

Trevor Siemian Trade: Final details, including draft picks

The trade looks like it’s been finalized

Report: Vikings finalizing trade with Denver Broncos for QB Trevor Siemian

The former Broncos starter is apparently on his way to Minnesota

Report: Teddy Bridgewater to sign with New York Jets

And just like that, all three of last year’s Vikings’ quarterbacks are gone

$84 Million, 100% Guaranteed = No Excuses

Time for the New Face of the Franchise QB to Deliver

Schefter: Sam Bradford to sign with Arizona Cardinals

That’s two of the Vikings’ three quarterbacks out the door

Rapoport: Cardinals, Jets offered Kirk Cousins more money than Vikings

If so, it speaks to Cousins’ priorities

Schefter: Case Keenum to sign with Denver Broncos

And the first domino falls

Report: Vikings reach out to Drew Brees

Well, the Saints STILL haven’t signed him.

Kirk Cousins won’t be making any free agent visits

It would appear that the pitches will be made via video

Is there really a chance that Drew Brees becomes available?

The Saints haven’t gotten him to put pen to paper yet

Another team departs from the free agent quarterback race

And another one might be getting involved

The Case for Keenum

Why Case Keenum makes the most sense to continue as starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings

Vegas really likes the Vikings’ chances of landing Kirk Cousins

To the point where it’s not even a good bet anymore

Kirk Cousins’ decision could be swayed by tax law

Well, maybe not, but it’s at least a consideration

ESPN suggests alternative fix to Vikings quarterback problem

And it involves a trade

Deadline passes without Vikings tagging anyone

We pretty much knew that already, but now it’s officially official. Officially.

Schefter: Several teams expressing interest in Teddy Bridgewater

And it sounds like they think he can start

ESPN thinks the Vikings will miss out on Kirk Cousins

According to a panel of their experts, anyway

Kirk Cousins looking for shorter deal in free agency?

He apparently wants to hit the market again

Report: Kirk Cousins “destined” to sign with Minnesota Vikings

It’s a strong word. Is it accurate?

Ask not for whom the contract tolls

For it tolls not for Teddy Bridgewater

He May Be Our Cousin(s)

Report: Vikings to let Teddy Bridgewater hit free agency

More quarterback movement out of Minnesota

The “Kirk Cousins to the Vikings” rumors are multiplying

More and more people are talking about it

Rapoport: Vikings not expected to tag Case Keenum

And, with that, the real quarterback fun begins

Another team removes themselves from the free agent quarterback derby

And it was one that you probably wouldn’t expect

Report: New York Jets prepared to offer $60M up front for Kirk Cousins?

You like that? Ummmmm. . .no.

Could Case Keenum be a candidate for the Transition Tag?

It works differently from the Franchise Tag, but how?

John DeFilippo sings the praises of Kirk Cousins

But does it mean anything as far as the Vikings’ quarterback situation?

PFT: Teddy Bridgewater contract tolling won’t be an issue

What do they mean by that? Who knows?

Report: Vikings won’t use Franchise Tag to solve quarterback situation

They might think the price is too high

A.J. McCarron will join the free agent quarterback pool

He won his grievance against the NFL

Spotrac calculates values of free agent quarterback contracts

There is a significant gap in value between some of the bigger names

Quarterback Thunderdome 2018: What should the Vikings do with Teddy Bridgewater?

Probably the biggest mystery of them all

Quarterback Thunderdome 2018: What should the Vikings do with Sam Bradford?

The forgotten man in this year’s quarterback debate


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