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Minnesota Vikings Rumors

All the rumors surrounding the Minnesota Vikings from SB Nation's Daily Norseman.

What will the Vikings do at quarterback? Josh Dobbs, Nick Mullens, or Jaren Hall?

In this riveting episode of ‘Two Old Bloggers’, seasoned commentators Darren and Dave delve into the Minnesota Vikings’ current quarterback conundrum and evaluate the leadership of Head Coach Kevin O’Connell. They also provide a ‘Quick Hitters’ round, discussing a variety of hot topics, including Jordan Addison’s performance and the team’s playoff prospects. Join them as they dissect the latest developments in the Vikings universe with their signature blend of deep insights and engaging discussions. SKOL!

Vikings’ Play Calling & The Bye Week - A Dive into the Details

Join us for an insightful episode of The Real Forno Show, where Tyler Forness delves into the Vikings’ quarterback conundrum. Uncover the strengths, weaknesses, and potential of Josh Dobbs, Jaron Hall, and Nick Mullins, and how their performances could shape the Vikings’ future. SKOL!

Vikings lose to Broncos: What can we learn?

Join Tyler Forness on The Real Forno Show as he dissects the Minnesota Vikings’ nail-biting loss to the Denver Broncos. This episode dives into the crucial turnovers, and missed opportunities, and poses key questions about the team’s future. Discover insights on potential strategies and standout players. Don’t miss this riveting discussion on the Vikings’ potential path forward. SKOL!

How sustainable is Vikings play with Josh Dobbs?

In this episode of The Real Forno Show, host Tyler Forness discusses the Minnesota Vikings’ shot at their sixth consecutive win against the Denver Broncos. The spotlight is on quarterback Josh Dobbs, questioning the sustainability of his remarkable performance. Tyler dives into the all-22 film for answers and evaluates the unpredictable Broncos team. With their inconsistent season, the Broncos pose an intriguing challenge for the Vikings in the upcoming Sunday Night showdown. SKOL!

Jaren Hall and the Vikings path to a win

Discover the fresh dynamics in the Minnesota Vikings’ game plan as Jaren Hall gears up for his first NFL start, and the potential impact of the recent acquisition, of Josh Dobbs. Join Tyler Forness on The Real Forno Show for an in-depth analysis of this pivotal moment in Vikings history. SKOL!

Now What? The Vikings beat the Packers but lost Kirk Cousins

The Minnesota Vikings secured a 24-10 victory against the Green Bay Packers but suffered a major setback as starting quarterback Kirk Cousins sustained a season-ending injury. With only rookie Jaren Hall available as a healthy quarterback, the Vikings face the decision of whether to continue with Hall or explore veteran options through free agency or the trade deadline. Tune in to The Real Forno Show for a detailed analysis of the Vikings’ next moves. SKOL!

Vikings’ Offensive Challenges & Previewing the 49ers Game

In the latest episode of Two Old Bloggers, Darren and Dave dive deep into the struggles of the Vikings’ offense without Justin Jefferson, propose solutions for improvement, and preview the upcoming game against the 49ers. Don’t miss out on this Purple-packed episode! SKOL!

Vikings vs Panthers Preview and “What If” Scenarios

Explore the crucial matchup between the Minnesota Vikings and the Carolina Panthers, as Tyler Forness and Producer Dave analyze the teams’ desperate quest for a win. Discover the potential impact of Bryce Young’s presence and delve into Kirk Cousins’ on-field performance. Plus, uncover the implications of a 0-4 record and the looming challenge of facing the Kansas City Chiefs. Join us for this engaging episode of The Real Forno Show! SKOL!

Minnesota Vikings MUST Win Sunday or Their Season is in SERIOUS Trouble + A Trade for Cam Akers!

Vikings vs Chargers: Who will be first to 0-3?

Join Tyler Forness and guest Alex Katson on this episode of The Real Forno Show as they discuss the highly anticipated Vikings vs Chargers game coming up this Sunday. Get exclusive insights into the impact of Kellen Moore on the Chargers’ offense and the intriguing situation surrounding Brandon Staley’s defense. Don’t miss out! SKOL!

Vikings’ Week 1 Loss vs Buccaneers & Preparing for Thursday Night Football Against the Eagles

The Real Forno Show discusses the Minnesota Vikings’ Week 1 loss against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, analyzing what went wrong and where to place blame. They also examine the 2022 NFL draft class for the Vikings and discuss what the team needs to do to bounce back and secure a victory against the Eagles on Thursday night football. SKOL!

The Vikings Big Picture: Bold Predictions and Future Insights for the 2023 Minnesota Vikings Season

The Real Forno Show discusses the Minnesota Vikings’ upcoming season opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and makes bold predictions for the 2023 season. They also analyze the Vikings’ future, including their salary cap situation and the upcoming quarterback class. SKOL!

Breaking down the Minnesota Vikings 53-Man Roster with Eric Eager of Sumer Sports

Making The Roster: Vikings Cut-Down Day

Looking for some in-depth analysis of the Minnesota Vikings’ cutdown day? Look no further than the latest episode of The Real Forno Show. Host Tyler Forness and Producer Dave dive deep into who made the team, who didn’t, and what it all means for the upcoming season. With a focus on areas of concern like offensive line, running back, and cornerback, this episode will leave you with plenty to think about as the regular season approaches. Don’t miss out on this insightful discussion! SKOL!

Tyler’s Latest Vikings Updates of Who Stays & Who Goes

Check out the latest episode of The Real Forno Show with Tyler Forness and Producer Dave! They discuss the Minnesota Vikings’ projected 53-man roster and the tough decisions facing the team as they make cuts. With so many talented players on the bubble, it’s anyone’s guess who will make the final cut. Tune in for insights and analysis from Tyler Forness! Don’t miss out! SKOL!

Minnesota Vikings Final 53-Man Roster Predictions

It Was A Hall Of A Game - Vikings vs Cardinals PS3 Reactions

On the latest episode of Two Old Bloggers, Dave breaks down the Minnesota Vikings’ preseason finale against the Arizona Cardinals. They discuss standout performances from Jaren Hall and DeWayne McBride, the battle for receiver depth spots, and the tough roster decisions facing the Vikings. SKOL!

Should the Vikings Trade for Trey Lance?

Should the Minnesota Vikings be concerned with their offensive line depth

Minnesota Vikings Preseason Recap & Titans Preview: Standouts, Joint Practices, and Fan Q&A

The Vikings Good, Bad, & Areas of Improvement

On the latest episode of The Real Forno Show, Tyler Forness breaks down the Minnesota Vikings’ preseason loss to the Seattle Seahawks. He grades Jaren Hall’s debut, evaluates Lewis Cine’s performance, and highlights Jalen Reagor’s improvement. Don’t miss his analysis of the Vikings’ key players and their prospects for the upcoming season! SKOL!

Vikings Preseason Winners and Losers, Kareem Hunt Visits, and Kirk Cousins’ Future

On this week’s episode of "Two Old Bloggers", Darren and Dave discuss the Vikings’ preseason game, winners and losers, and the surprising visit of Kareem Hunt. They also profile Kirk Cousins as a 2024 free agent and speculate on the team’s future at quarterback. Check it out! SKOL!

Vikings vs. Seahawks: Preseason Preview & Training Camp Takeaways feat. Alec Lewis | The Athletic

Minnesota Vikings’ Training Camp: Dominant WRs, Takeaways, and Fan Q&A

The Vikings WR core looks promising! Who else is standing out at training camp + audience Q&A

Return of Vikings Football - Preseason Preview

Join Darren and Dave on the latest episode of Two Old Bloggers as they discuss the latest Vikings training camp tidbits, potential signings, and the team’s upcoming preseason game. The hosts provide expert insights into standout performances, K.J. Osborn’s upcoming free agency, and the impact of rookie Jordan Addison on the Vikings’ offense. Don’t miss out on their insider knowledge and unique perspective on the team’s current state and future potential. Tune in now to stay informed on the latest developments in Vikings land! SKOL!

Minnesota Vikings Training Camp: Standouts, Q&A, and Dalton Risner Rumors!

These Vikings players are standing out at Training Camp

Training Camp Edition - Risner Breaking News, Hunter, Early Surprises, Key Players, & Flores’ Defense Plans

On this The Real Forno Show - Minnesota Vikings Training Camp update: Judd Zulgad with breaking Dalton Risner visit, Danielle Hunter’s return, early surprises, and standout players, and expectations for the defense under Brian Flores. SKOL!

State Of The Vikings - Cornerbacks: Murphy, Booth, Evans, Blackmon, & Who Wins?

Get all the latest updates from the Minnesota Vikings’ training camp on The Real Forno Show! We've got you covered from the cornerbacks to the Andrew Thomas extension.

Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Day 1 Recap: Practice & Press Conferences

Previewing the Minnesota Vikings Offense ahead of Training Camp

Vikings 2023 - Training Camp, Addison & His Need For Speed, & Oh Those Classics!

Join Dave on Two Old Bloggers as he discusses the recent reckless driving incident of Vikings’ first-round draft pick Jordan Addison and the excitement over the team’s new classic jerseys. Plus, get a sneak peek into what competitions to look out for during training camp! SKOL!

Vikings 2023 - Cousins on Netflix, Hockenson Greatness, Wonnum’s Fate, & More!

The Two Old Bloggers, Darren and Dave, discuss T.J. Hockenson’s potential to have the greatest season by a Vikings tight end ever! Plus, they cover rumors about Dalvin Cook’s offer, Justin Jefferson’s QB list, Kirk Cousins on Netflix’ "Quarterback’, and take a closer look at free agent D.J. Wonnum. Don’t miss out on all things Vikings football! SKOL!

Vikings 2023 - Mattison’s Breakout, Cleveland’s Fate, & Defense Redemption

In this episode, the Two Old Bloggers dive into the current state of the Minnesota Vikings, discussing the running back situation and the potential for Alexander Mattison as the team’s #1 running back. They also explore Ezra Cleveland’s future with the team as he enters the final year of his rookie contract and the team’s need for improvement on defense if they hope to make a deep playoff run. Join the conversation and hear the hosts’ insightful analysis and predictions for the upcoming season. SKOL!

Vikings Controversial, Really?! Florio & Justin Jefferson, Dalvin Cook & KOC, & Danielle Hunter’s Impasse

On this episode of Two Old Bloggers, Dave goes solo with you to discuss the latest controversial Minnesota Vikings news and statements from the week. Join us for updates and analysis on the extension of Justin Jefferson’s contract, Dalvin Cook’s frustration with Kevin O’Connell’s scheme, and the rumors surrounding Danielle Hunter’s potential release or trade. Don’t miss out! #SKOL!

Minnesota Vikings Mini Camp: Danielle Hunter’s Holdout, Kirk Cousins’ Potential Extension, and MORE!

Takeaways from Vikings Mini Camp. What should the Vikings do with Danielle Hunter and should they extend Kirk Cousins?

Dalvin Cook is Gone & Danielle Hunter’s Uncertain Vikings Future

Check out the latest episode of Two Old Bloggers! Darren and Dave dive into Dalvin Cook’s release, the Minnesota Vikings’ running back situation, and Danielle Hunter’s uncertain future as a pass rusher. They also discuss the promising safety, Jay Ward. Tune in for expert analysis and insights! #SKOL!