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Minnesota Vikings Schedule

Let’s Do This Vikings! Vikings at Lions Week 18

In this episode of Two Old Bloggers, Darren and Dave discuss the Minnesota Vikings’ decision to start Nick Mullens again, analyze the implications for the team, and explore the collapse of the Vikings’ defense. They also preview the Week 18 game between the Vikings and the Lions, emphasizing the importance of an effort from the team. Join us in this discussion of your Vikings in this episode of Two Old Bloggers on Vikings 1st & SKOL!

It’s Jaren Hall Time - The Vikings vs Packers Preview

In this dynamic episode of ‘Two Old Bloggers’, we delve into the Minnesota Vikings’ latest shakeup – the rise of rookie Jaren Hall to the starting quarterback position. We also discuss the potential repercussions of recent key player injuries on the team’s future strategies. Tune in and join the conversation with us as we explore these pivotal developments and their impact on the upcoming Vikings vs. Packers game. SKOL!

Where do the Vikings go from Here? - Quarterbacks, Injuries, Lions & Packers

Join us for an insightful episode of The Real Forno Show with Tyler Forness, as we dissect the Vikings’ recent defeat, ponder over strategy for the upcoming games, and explore the impact of key injuries on team dynamics. It’s an interesting discussion that was made even more murky with both Jaren Hall and Mullens getting first-team snaps during Wednesday’s walkthrough. SKOL!

Can Brian Flores Lead the Vikings to Victory? Special Guest - Dan Alter

Join us for this episode of The Real Forno Show will feature an in-depth analysis of the Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions game, with a focus on the potential impact of Jameson Williams, strategies against Jared Goff, and the Lions’ year-over-year growth. The discussion will also cover Brian Flores’ defensive strategies for the Vikings and the challenge of slowing down Justin Jefferson and Jordan Addison. Special guest Dan Alter will provide unique insights into the game. SKOL!

Fire Kevin O’Connell? Fans Took the Vikings Overtime Loss to the Bengals Hard

Join Tyler Forness on The Real Forno Show as he delves deep into the Minnesota Vikings’ recent overtime defeat to the Cincinnati Bengals. Forness dissects the game’s critical moments and the team’s execution, questioning whether the blame truly lies with head coach Kevin O’Connell. Tune in for an intense discussion on strategies, quarterback performance, and the much-debated topic – should Kevin O’Connell be fired? SKOL!

Can the Vikings win in Cincinnati? The last time was in 1992

Join us for an intense episode of The Real Forno Show, with Tyler Forness as we dive into the Minnesota Vikings’ playoff scenarios and their upcoming clash with the Cincinnati Bengals. Don’t miss out on this insightful debate, expert analysis, and our exclusive guest Mike Santagata from Sports Illustrated’s All Bengals. SKOL!

Did Kevin O’Connell Make The Right Call? Vikings vs Raiders Preview Week 14

Dive into the latest episode of Two Old Bloggers with Darren and Dave, where we dissect the controversial quarterback decision, applaud the defensive breakthrough, and preview the crucial game against the Raiders. Explore the implications of sticking with Josh Dobbs, marvel at Brian Flores’ transformative impact on the defense, and gear up for the Viking’s final face-off against the AFC West. Join us for an episode packed with expert insights, animated debates, and thorough football analysis. SKOL!

Will the Vikings make the playoffs? Danielle Hunter wants to, and so do we!

Get ready to dive deep into the Minnesota Vikings’ playoff hopes with Vikings writer and commentator Tyler Forness, in this thrilling episode of The Real Forno Show. We’ll explore the current NFC standings, the Vikings’ path to the playoffs, and potential wild-card matchups. Don’t miss out on this comprehensive breakdown! SKOL!

Vikings lose to Broncos: What can we learn?

Join Tyler Forness on The Real Forno Show as he dissects the Minnesota Vikings’ nail-biting loss to the Denver Broncos. This episode dives into the crucial turnovers, and missed opportunities, and poses key questions about the team’s future. Discover insights on potential strategies and standout players. Don’t miss this riveting discussion on the Vikings’ potential path forward. SKOL!

Does Josh Dobbs make the Vikings a contender? Taking our dreams higher?

Join us in this exciting episode of The Real Forno Show, as host Tyler Forness delves into the transformation of the Minnesota Vikings, from early-season setbacks to a promising winning streak. We explore the pivotal role of Josh Dobbs, the journeyman quarterback sparking intrigue and debate: Is he the key to making the Vikings a real contender in the NFC? Tune in, as we dissect Dobbs’ career, the Vikings’ current state, and what this could mean for their future. SKOL!

Vikings’ Playoff Positioning, Brian Flores’ Mastery, and Vikings vs Saints Preview

In this episode of Two Old Bloggers, we explore the Vikings’ dramatic comeback into playoff contention after a shaky start to the season, discuss the impactful role of defensive coordinator Brian Flores, and provide a detailed preview of the upcoming clash with the Saints. SKOL!

Are You Ready?… For Jaren Hall & the Vikings at Falcons Preview

In this episode of Two Old Bloggers, hosts Darren and Dave discuss the Vikings’ quarterback situation following Kirk Cousins’ injury, including the potential of Jaren Hall as the new starter. They also analyze the team’s recent trade deals involving Josh Dobbs and Ezra Cleveland, providing their thoughts on the implications of these moves. Finally, they preview the upcoming game against the Falcons, emphasizing the potential turning point it could represent for the Vikings, depending on Hall’s performance. SKOL!

Jaren Hall and the Vikings path to a win

Discover the fresh dynamics in the Minnesota Vikings’ game plan as Jaren Hall gears up for his first NFL start, and the potential impact of the recent acquisition, of Josh Dobbs. Join Tyler Forness on The Real Forno Show for an in-depth analysis of this pivotal moment in Vikings history. SKOL!

Vikings’ Offensive Challenges & Previewing the 49ers Game

In the latest episode of Two Old Bloggers, Darren and Dave dive deep into the struggles of the Vikings’ offense without Justin Jefferson, propose solutions for improvement, and preview the upcoming game against the 49ers. Don’t miss out on this Purple-packed episode! SKOL!

Minnesota Vikings’ Offense Struggles, Defense Shines in an Ugly Win vs. Bears | Vikings Happy Hour

Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears Post-Game Reaction | Vikings Final Score

Kevin O’Connell MUST be better after Minnesota Vikings fall to 1-4 | Vikings Happy Hour

Have the Vikings Fixed Their Running Game? | The Davenport Effect | Vikings vs Chiefs Pregame

Join the Two Old Bloggers, Darren and Dave diving into the Vikings’ running game, analyzing if it has been fixed after a slow start. They also discuss the impact of Marcus Davenport on the defense and preview the Vikings’ upcoming game against the Chiefs. Join them as they break down these topics and provide insightful analysis. Don’t miss out on the latest insights and predictions from Two Old Bloggers! SKOL!

Are the Minnesota Vikings Actually a Good Team?

Minnesota Vikings win with Harrison Smith Leading the Way, but Is the Offense a Cause for Concern?

Is Kevin O’Connell to Blame for Minnesota Vikings 0-3 Start?

Vikings vs Panthers Preview and “What If” Scenarios

Explore the crucial matchup between the Minnesota Vikings and the Carolina Panthers, as Tyler Forness and Producer Dave analyze the teams’ desperate quest for a win. Discover the potential impact of Bryce Young’s presence and delve into Kirk Cousins’ on-field performance. Plus, uncover the implications of a 0-4 record and the looming challenge of facing the Kansas City Chiefs. Join us for this engaging episode of The Real Forno Show! SKOL!

Can the Minnesota Vikings Turn Their 0-3 Start into a Winning Season?

Minnesota Vikings fall to 0-3 – Is Kirk Cousins or Kevin O’Connell to Blame?

Can Dalton Risner save the O-line as we pregame the Vikings vs. Chargers

In this episode of Two Old Bloggers, Darren and Dave discuss the potential impact of Dalton Risner joining the Vikings as they gear up to face the Chargers. They also touch on the recent trade for running back Cam Akers and the aggressive defensive approach under Brian Flores. Plus, a game preview of the Vikings vs. Chargers matchup. Tune in for all the latest insights and analysis! SKOL!

Can the Minnesota Vikings Rally Past the Chargers in a Must-Win Battle?

Minnesota Vikings MUST Win Sunday or Their Season is in SERIOUS Trouble + A Trade for Cam Akers!

Are the Minnesota Vikings doomed after Eagles loss?

Are Minnesota Vikings’ Early Season Struggles Fixable?

Do the Vikings stand a chance vs. Eagles?

Vikings vs Eagles with Devin Jackson of the Philadelphia Inquirer

Devin Jackson of the Philadelphia Inquirer joins The Real Forno Show to discuss the highly anticipated matchup between the Minnesota Vikings and the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday Night Football. The Vikings are looking to rebound from a tough loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 1 and prevent going 0-2 for the first time since the 2020 season, while the Eagles are coming off a hard-fought victory against the New England Patriots. Key matchups and storylines to watch include how the defenses will fare, how the offensive lines will hold up, and more. SKOL!

Previewing the Vikings vs. Buccaneers with Arif Hasan

Minnesota Vikings Safety Josh Metellus gives a glimpse into the upcoming season

Vikings vs. Seahawks: Preseason Preview & Training Camp Takeaways feat. Alec Lewis | The Athletic

What is the pivotal stretch of the upcoming season for the Vikings?

What is this year’s make it or break it stretch?

Vikings, Seahawks finalize schedule for preseason opener

It’s gonna be a late night